What is the SECO Code of Conduct Policy?

As a professional organization, the Southern Council of Optometrists, Inc./SECO International, LLC is dedicated to providing a safe, harassment-free, and inclusive experience for all participants at all Association-organized events and has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of participants in any form. Participants include but are not limited to Association employees, volunteers, members, attendees, guests, staff, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, vendors, etc. An Association-organized event includes business at the Association office, SECO International Annual Congress Meeting, official social events such as receptions, membership meetings, board meetings, committee meetings, and any other event for which participants are asked to RSVP or register through the Association. Please report any incidents in which an attendee is abusive, insulting, intimidating, bothersome, or acting in an unsafe or illegal manner to SECO staff or security immediately. The Association shall have no liability whatsoever arising out of its interpretation and enforcement of the Code of Conduct. Please visit https://attendseco.com/terms-and-conditions for further information on SECO 2024 policies.