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SECO International is dedicated to providing world-class educational opportunities to eye care professionals, helping them enhance their skills, expand their networks, and grow their practices. Experience the future of eyecare at our flagship event - where groundbreaking technology meets leading-edge education.

Empowering Optometric

At SECO International, we are passionate about empowering eyecare professionals through top-tier educational content and networking opportunities. Our flagship event, SECO 2024, will bring together the global optometry community, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the advancement of eyecare.

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SECO International is committed to promoting excellence in eye care through cutting-edge educational offerings, robust networking platforms, and strategic partnerships. At our premier event, SECO 2024, you'll gain access to a global community of optometry professionals and industry leaders, ready to inspire and be inspired.

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As we look forward to SECO 2024, we're already hard at work, planning for an even more exciting and insightful experience. We're committed to creating a meeting that not only offers exceptional educational opportunities, but also fosters networking, collaboration, and the sharing of innovative ideas.

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Missed SECO 100?
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Whether you couldn't make it or simply want to relive the insightful moments and inspiring connections, our recap video and photo gallery are ready for you. Witness the key highlights, engaging sessions, and the camaraderie of the global optometry community as we navigated the future of eye care together.

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About SECO International

SECO International is well-recognized as the foremost provider of optometric education in the industry. Offering continuous online distance learning via SECO University and over 200 hours of educational sessions and hands-on labs at their yearly conference, SECO remains committed to professional development. Our annual gatherings consistently draw thousands of eye care experts, industry specialists, and allied healthcare professionals from both national and international backgrounds.

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