SECO 2024 Highlights

An Unmissable Optometric Event

Crafted and brought to you by the Southern Council of Optometrists, SECO 2024 is an event you simply cannot overlook if you're a professional in the field of optometry. This unique conference is devoted to fostering professional growth, and embodies the mission of advancing eye care worldwide through a fusion of premier education, impactful networking, and strategic partnerships.

Leading-Edge Education

If the prospect of learning about the latest advancements in eye care technology or innovative patient treatment approaches excites you, SECO 2024 is the place to be. With sessions led by renowned experts in the field, you'll gain insights on the newest trends, research, and technologies, ensuring you're equipped with the latest tools to excel in optometric practice.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

SECO 2024 offers an unrivaled platform to connect with a diverse group of passionate eye care professionals. The networking opportunities here can result in a rich exchange of ideas, open doors to mentorship opportunities, and foster collaborations that could significantly elevate your practice.

Strategic Partnerships

More than just an educational event, SECO 2024 is a hub for cultivating strategic partnerships. Whether you aim to grow your practice, invest in new technology, or discover innovative ways to serve your patients, you'll make the right connections at SECO. Interaction with industry leaders, vendors, and innovative startups can shape the future trajectory of your practice.

Commitment to a Global Mission

SECO 2024 transcends local borders—it stands for a global mission to advance eye care through superior education and strategic partnerships. By participating, you're joining a global dialogue about the future of eye care and contributing towards its positive evolution.

If you're an eye care professional seeking to keep pace with the rapidly evolving landscape of eye care, expand your professional network, and play a part in the global advancement of eye care, your attendance at SECO 2024 is a must.

Mark your calendar and gear up for an enlightening experience that promises to catalyze your professional growth and enhance your practice. The benefits will be seen in the enriched care you can provide your future patients


SECO International extends its appreciation to the following companies for their philanthropic unrestricted educational grant support of the SECO 2024 continuing education program.

Alcon              Abbvie             EssilorLuxottica             Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Review of Optometry             VSP Premier Edge Training and Education

SECO 2024 Featured Education

Embark on an unforgettable journey of learning with SECO 2024's educational programming - a transformative experience designed to elevate your practice. Absorb the essential knowledge that will empower you to deliver remarkable patient care and excel in your unique role. SECO presents sessions in an array of engaging formats, including hands-on learning labs, immersive presentation theaters, enlightening lectures, and practical demonstrations.

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Surgical & Aesthetics Skills Education Pavilion

Developed in partnership with the American Society of Optometric Surgeons, this dedicated pavilion in Optometry’s Marketplace Exhibit Hall will feature a variety of hands-on experiences designed to familiarize or update attendees with a variety of surgical, laser and aesthetic procedures.  Participants will benefit from hands-on guidance in an interactive environment.

Through interactive stations, the SECO Surgical Skills Education Pavilion will provide a platform where attendees will experience simulation training in several procedures, including Botox administration, suturing, laser procedures, and cryosurgery. Learn More


Special Sessions

SECO's hallmark special sessions stand as a shining beacon in the landscape of the SECO 2024, renowned for their exclusive lineup of the field's top thought leaders. These dynamic sessions provide an unmatched platform where attendees have the unique opportunity to learn from industry pioneers, gaining insights and perspectives that are rarely found at other optometry meetings. These esteemed professionals are innovators, ushering in new paradigms and advancements within the ever-evolving sphere of optometry. By attending these special sessions, you're not only expanding your knowledge with cutting-edge concepts and progressive strategies, but you're also part of an active discourse shaping the future of optometry, whether that involves pioneering tech advancements or groundbreaking patient care approaches. Learn More

Certificate Program_General Program

SECO Certificate Program

We are excited to announce the return of our successful Certificate Programs for the upcoming SECO 2024 conference, which will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, February 28 - March 3. Introduced with resounding success last year, these Certificate Programs allow you to accumulate focused course hours in a specific subject, with the certificate you receive demonstrating that you've acquired a fundamental understanding of that topic.

Feedback from eye care professionals has emphasized how much their patients value the assurance that their provider is actively investing in continuing education, keeping abreast of the newest products, procedures, and services in the field. Learn More


Ophthalmic Symposium Series

The SECO 2024 Symposium Series allows eye care professionals to join their colleagues while engaging with industry leaders to discuss advances in ophthalmic healthcare while enjoying a complimentary meal. The Symposium Series sessions are unopposed by education for the designated audience and are offered at no charge to attendees. Learn More

Contact Lens Summit

Contact Lens Summit

This cost-free, comprehensive program is set to kick off with a Continuing Education session, shedding light on the latest innovations in contact lenses. This will not only discuss ways to enhance patient satisfaction but also suggest approaches to boost profitability. A complimentary snack break, sponsored by our partners, will be available, before we delve into another enriching CE session. This engaging program welcomes all attendees, offering a unique opportunity to enhance your expertise and connections in the field of contact lenses. Don't miss out on this unique learning experience! Learn More



Dive into the business aspect of your practice and keep abreast of the most recent developments in leadership and management strategies. The widely appreciated and recently broadened MedPRO360 curriculum promises to feature renowned practice management experts. Learn More

Hot topic breakfast blk

Hot Topic Breakfast Sessions

These sessions are designed to provide you with cutting-edge knowledge and practical applications in the field of optometry. Whether it's understanding the complexities of anterior segment pathologies or implementing effective myopia management strategies, these breakfast sessions are a must-attend for professionals seeking to enhance their practice. Learn More