What is the contact information on-site for First Aid?

First aid services will be available should an attendee need medical assistance. The EMS office #1 will staffed throughout event hours and is located in Lobby B2. The ENMCC has RED Emergency Phones conveniently located throughout the facility. In order to expedite a response, a ENMCC Public Safety Dispatcher is available 24 hours a day. The emergency number, 504-582-3040 or 3040 from the RED phone, is the primary emergency number for the facility. The Dispatcher will dispatch EMS, Officers, Event Managers, etc. Please refrain from calling 911. The convention center is very large; Facility and Public Safety personnel coordinate the movement of emergency services to the scene. 

For non-emergencies, dial 3011 from a RED phone or call the Event Management Main Line at 504-582-3011.

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