Join us for an unforgettable evening at SECO 2024! Experience the incredible talent of Noah Thompson, the 2022 American Idol winner, as he takes the stage at the Tabernacle Atlanta for SECO’s iconic Saturday Night Party. Get ready for a night filled with music and heartfelt performances that captured the nation's heart.


Hailing from the small town of Louisa, KY, Noah Thompson's journey to fame is a testament to the power of dreams and perseverance. As a construction worker and a devoted father to his young son Walker, the idea of becoming a superstar seemed like a distant fantasy. Yet, America saw in Thompson what he couldn't see in himself.

Winning Season 20 of American Idol, Thompson embodies the true spirit of country music – triumphing over adversity to win the hearts of millions. His story is more than just a fairytale; it's the embodiment of the "American (Idol) Dream."

Before captivating over 2.5 million TV viewers, Thompson's audience was a small group of construction workers in his hometown. Singing songs they picked out, he became their daily entertainment, unknowingly setting the stage for his future. His raw talent and down-to-earth personality caught the attention of his crew, leading one of them to secretly sign him up for American Idol auditions in Austin, Texas.

Initially reluctant and having never flown before, Thompson couldn't imagine himself in the world of celebrities and spotlights. "It seemed so unrealistic, like magic almost, for someone from our small town to make it big," Thompson reflects.

But as judge Luke Bryan predicted, Thompson's genuine, humble nature took him straight to the top. Post-Idol, his life transformed rapidly. "Winning American Idol was overwhelming. Suddenly, I was on the road, playing shows, writing music. It was a whole new world I never thought I'd be a part of," Thompson shares.

Join us at SECO 2024 to experience the captivating performance of Noah Thompson, a true embodiment of the American dream.