Multiyear Handouts


Course #Presentation TitleDownload
6006060Hot Topic Breakfast: Anterior Segment
6106161Keynote Session: Putting the Eye in AI - The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Optometry
6206262Hot Topic Breakfast: Myopia Management in 2024
6306363Special Session: Cornea on the Cutting Edge
6406464Special Session: Retina Roundup
101101101Managing and Making Sense of MGD
102102102Comin' in Hot! Cells, Flare, and Ciliary Flush
103103103From Retinal Findings to Systemic Diagnosis
104104104Ocular Toxicities in Cancer Patients
105105105The Lowdown on Low Vision
106106106Specialty Lens Fitting Grand Rounds
107107107The Many Faces of Stem Cell Deficiency
108108108Concussion Management for the Primary Care Optometrist
109109109Rapid Fire: OCT Angiography in Glaucoma
110110110AMD: A to Z
111111111Myopia Management in Practice
112112112Minor Surgical Procedures
113113113Oral Pharmaceuticals in Anterior Segment Disease
114114114Posterior Segment Rounds: From Landmarks to the Latest
115115115A Roadmap to Medical Management of Glaucoma
116116116Modern Day Diabetes
117117117MRIs, CTs, & Lab Work, Oh My!
118118118Papilledema vs. Pseudopapilledema
119119119Rapid Fire OCT Biomarkers: The Eye, the Body and the Brain
120120120Ocular Emergency and Trauma Grand Rounds
121121121Visual Fields: A Virtual Reality
122122122The Tale of the Tell-Tale Pupil
123123123Refer or Relax Macula
124124124Call The Pharmacist! Current Protocols for Ophthalmic Meds
125125125Exploring the Autoimmune Diseases: A Systemic Approach
126126126Glaucoma Gauntlet: Managing Cases from Diagnosis to Treatment
127127127Mind-Bending Neuro-Oph Grand Rounds: From the Chiasm and Beyond
128128128Telemedicine in Eyecare: Weird Science or The Facts of Life?
129129129Ocular Surface Disease Update: What’s New in 2024
130130130Controlled Prescribing: Narcotics, What's the Buzz?
131131131Blepharitis: Dirty Little Secrets
132132132MIGS in the Bigs
133133133Unique Strategies for Managing Common Anterior Segment Conditions
134134134New Therapeutics for Clinical Practice
135135135Retinal and OCT Grand Rounds
136136136FL Jurisprudence
137137137Makeup and the Ocular Surface: What You Need to Know
138138138Current and Future Trends in OCT Technology
139139139A Deep Dive into Secondary Glaucomas
140140140Update on Age-Related Macular Degeneration
141141141Allergies and The Eye
142142142Human Trafficking
143143143Lumps and Bumps: A Practical Guide to Evaluation and Management
144144144Not So Fast! Some Cases May Fool You
145145145Ocular Health Complications in TBI
146146146Nutrition and the Retina
147147147Medical Errors
148148148The Most Updated Keratoconus Management Guide
149149149Identifying Child Abuse
150150150New Ideas, Tools, and Therapies for Glaucoma and Posterior Segment Diseases
151151151Pediatrics for the Non-pediatric OD
152152152Systemic Diseases and Glaucoma
153153153Shams, Scams, & Gamechangers...You Decide
200200200OD Lunch Symposium
201201201OD/AHP Dinner Symposium
202202202AHP Lunch Symposium
203203203OD Lunch Symposium
204204204AHP Lunch Symposium
205205205OD Lunch Symposium
206206206OD Lunch Symposium
207207207OD/AHP Dinner Symposium
208208208OD Breakfast Symposium
209209209Transitions Certified Live Dinner
210210210AHP Lunch Symposium
300300300Laser Workshop
301301301The Best Exhibit Hall Education
303303303Aesthetics Workshop
304304304Hands-on Workshop: Scleral & Ortho-K Fitting
305305305Aesthetics Workshop
306306306Myopia Control Workshop
307307307Laser Workshop
308308308Billing and Coding Bootcamp
309309309Lid Procedures & Injectables Workshop
310310310Lid Procedures & Injectables Workshop
400400400Teambuilding: Creating the Best Staff in Challenging Times
401401401Emotional Intelligence: Communication is Key to Building Relationships
402402402Facilitated Learning Lab: Building a Staff Development Program
403403403Everyone in the Office is Killing Sales
404404404Best Practices of Collaboration of Care: Passing not Punting!
405405405When to Say Goodbye to a Frame
4064064063 Red Flags of Mismanaged Frame Boards
407407407Facilitated Learning Lab: Neuro Optometry and Concussions, Getting Started
408408408Creative Incentives: How to Create and Retain a Motivated Team
409409409Warranties & Redos: They Are Costing You Thousands
410410410"Hug" Your Patients
411411411Speak Less, Listen More! Team First Practice Management
412412412Facilitated Learning Lab: Critical Building Blocks of Your Business
413413413What Does World Class Service Look Like to Your Young Employees and Customers?
414414414Leadershi!+: Being in Charge Can Get Messy
415415415Facilitated Learning Lab: Frame Inventory Management
416416416Facilitated Learning Lab: Hire Better, Faster, Smarter!
417417417Emerging Trends That Will Transform Eyecare
418418418Yikes, New Hires! Who's Going to Train Them?
419419419Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Selling a Practice
420420420Facilitated Learning Lab: Getting Started with Binocular Vision
421421421Maximize Revenue and Profits with Vision Care Plans
422422422How to Thrive Without Taking Vision Care Plans
500500500SECO Contact Lens Summit PART I: GPs, Sclerals and Hybrids for Presbyopia
501501501SECO Contact Lens Summit Part II: Solving the Unsolvable - CL Case Files
502502502Grand Rounds: A String of Pearls
503503503Modern Management of Diabetic Retinopathy
504504504Digital Device Use: From Attraction to Distraction
505505505Real World Retina
506506506Pediatric Problems: Is it Really Dyslexia?
507507507Glaucoma Power Panel
602602602Hands-on Workshop: Frame Adjusting
603603603Hands-on Workshop: Cow Eye Dissection
604604604Hands-on Workshop: Introduction to Lensometry
605605605Hands-on Workshop: Advanced Lensometry & Prism
700700700Aniseikonia: The Problem, The Solutions
701701701The Math Behind Common Optical Concepts: PART 1
702702702The Math Behind Common Optical Concepts: PART 2
703703703How We've Changed in the Digital Age and How to Adapt
704704704Upgrade Your Standard SV
705705705The Progressive Maze
706706706Principles of Visual Assessment for Opticians and Technicians
707707707Myopia Control Lenses
708708708UV vs. Blue Light
709709709Dispensing to the Elderly: A Glimpse at the Aging Eye
710710710All about Frames: Parts and Materials
711711711General Session: AI, the End of the World as We Know It
712712712The Pediatric Patient: Best Dispensing Tips
713713713From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Taking Charge and Creating Your Own Destiny!
714714714Abbe Value and Refractive Index: The Ongoing Battle
715715715Power Optics of Magnification
716716716Image Formation of Analog to Digital Lens Designs
717717717Solutions to Low Vision: Beyond Magnifiers
718718718Binocular Vision and Prism
719719719Lens Optics and Working Distance
720720720Let's Talk About Effective Power and Compensated Power in Lenses
721721721Understanding Prism in the Lens
722722722The Optics of Color From Lenses to Vision
723723723Georgia Opticianry Laws & Rules
724724724The Psychology of Product Assortment
725725725The New Rules of Optical Retailing
726726726Creating a Culture That Attracts and Retains Employees
727727727Managing the Effects of Unequal Refractive Errors
800800800The Vision and Learning Connection
801801801Red Eye Emergencies: What Do You See?
802802802Children's Vision: More Than Just 20/20
803803803What Should the Staff Know About Macular Degeneration?
804804804Concussions and TBI: What Technicians and Paraoptometrics Need to Know
805805805Technicians and the Anatomy of Glaucoma
806806806The Technician's Role In Tear Evaluation
807807807Retina Triage for Technicians
808808808Performing Thorough and Reliable Visual Fields
500S500S500SContact Lens Summit Symposium


Course #Presentation TitleDownload
12155430101Comanagement: Then and Now
32155466500The SECO Contact Lens Summit: PART I - We've Come a Long Way Baby!
42155473400Need vs. Want: OD's and Staff Share Unique, Sometimes Conflicting Perspectives
52155486700A Historical View of Frames and Lenses
62155487701Measuring & Fitting Ophthalmic Lenses Today
72155462401Team Ideas for a Great Workplace
82155517501The SECO Contact Lens Summit: PART II - Business of CL: What is The Value of a CL Patient?
92155488702Positively Polarized For Me & My Patients
102155463402Cost vs. Value: Why People Buy
122155441502Glaucoma: What Would You Do?
132155459703Georgia Opticianry Laws & Rules
142155549503New Age Answers to OSD
152155481102Strategies for Better Diagnosing Glaucoma
162155474403Facilitated Learning Lab - Onboarding New Hires: Staff Training
17215555160Hot Topic Breakfast: Presbyopia Management Panel Discussion
182155460704Lenses as Prisms: Understanding How Lenses Work
192155450105Introductory Low Vision: Zoom and Enhance
212155495504Pediatrics and Binocular Vision Made Easy
222155514404Lessons in Leadership
232155532106New Drugs in Glaucoma
242155540104Amniotic Membranes
252155437600Laser Workshop
262155439108Systemic Prescribing for the Primary Care Optometrist
292155534405Building Patient Loyalty Through Emergency Care
302155447109Double Trouble
312155442110Plaquenil Toxicity Update
322155533111Dry Eye Protocol
332155475505No Wonder You Don’t See Well: How Eye Disease Affects Vision
352155489705The Chronicles of Digital Devices and Their Relationship to CVS & DES
362155491601Hands-On Workshop - Scleral Lens
372155519506Building Confidence When Dealing with Kids AND Their Parents!
382155482113Glaucoma Then and Now
392155461706Principles of Visual Assessment for Opticians and Technicians
402155483406Influencers of Eyecare: Tips to Self-Promotion and Growing Practice Visibility
412155443115Retina Brainteasers
422155471112An Optometric Approach to TBI
432155456407Facilitated Learning Lab - Retirement Refraction: How to Determine Your “Exit Rx” from Optometry
442155448114Dry Eye and Contact Lenses: COVID Did Not Help!
452155535119Oral Pharmaceuticals for ODs
462155457408Purposeful Planning: Building a Practice That Financially Serves YOU!
472155451118Advanced Low Vision: Into the Bionic Age
482155467507Drugs of the Future
502155553117Get Fired Up! Lasers for Glaucoma
512155490707The Path of Selective Absorption Lenses
52215552361Keynote Session - Remote Eyecare: Virtual Reality or Virtual Certainty?
5421555259023.5 Things You Can Start Doing Today to Keep Burnout Away from Your Life (Off-Site CE Edutainment)
552155444120Optic Nerve Anomalies
562155472122I'm So Dizzy
572155449121Steering Clear of Malpractice
582155515708Two Eyes and One Brain: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
592155550508"Drop" that Presbyopia!
602155438603Laser Workshop
612155476410Facilitated Learning Lab - Scribe Boot Camp
62215546862Hot Topic Breakfast: Myopia Management Panel Discussion
632155516709The Effect of Small Prism on Visual Comfort
642155497509OCTs: Not Just For Doctors
652155506411How to Get 1000 Five-Star Reviews
662155552125Lumps, Bumps, and Lid Procedures
672155503123Diseases of the Vitreomacular Interface
682155530124Lessons Learned From Things Done Well and Things Done Poorly in Dry Eye
702155501127Uveitis 2023
712155445126OCT Grand Rounds
722155496412Facilitated Learning Lab - Adding VT and Myopia Management to Your Practice
732209760724EHOptical Merchandising Secrets From The Masters
752155452413Coding and Billing 2023
762155520510Therapeutic Innovations: The Game Changers
772155556518Scleral Lens Fitting from Start to Finish
782155554414Facilitated Learning Lab - How to Incorporate Aesthetics into Your Practice
792155485131Path "ology" to Payments
802155541128IOP Management: The Age of Outflow
812155431605Hands-On Workshop - Cow Eye Dissection
822155440129Lasers in Optometry: The Next Frontier
832155536710Mastering Optics Formulae
842209761725EHThe 3 P's of Frame Buying: People-Product-Profits
852155492711Building Common Ground One Interaction at a Time
86215547763Special Session - Neuro Nuggets!
872155453415Facilitated Learning Lab - Staffing: Stop the Revolving Door!
892155526903TBD (Off-Site CE Edutainment)
912155434511Clinical Lessons I Live By
922155537712Optics of Wrap Lenses
932155478134The Glaucoma Compass
942155480132Lasik and PRK Post-Op Pitfalls
952155542133Rapid Fire Cornea
962155498606Hands-On Workshop - Practical Concussions
97215551864Special Session - Retina Revealed!
982155469416Facilitated Learning Lab - Change Everything: The Speed of Trust
992155464713Eyewear Fitting Tips and Pop Up Fashion Show
1002155521136Pregnancy and the Eye: What to Expect
1012155504137Retinal Vascular Occlusive Disease
1032155499417Slam Dunk Business Pearls Competition
1042155479135Optometric Surgical Procedures for Every Optometrist
1052155543512Visual Fields: A Virtual Reality
1062155545714Effective Power and Magnification
1072155465418Facilitated Learning Lab - Level Up Your Eyecare Brand
1082209759726EHFrame Vendor Selection and Evaluation
1092155493513Ocular Anatomy for Technicians and Opticians
1112155538715The Art and Science of Ophthalmic Lenses
1122155557419If You Want to Move Forward, It's Time to Retreat!
1132155432607Hands-On Workshop - Frame Adjustment
1142155458420Twenty-Five Things They Didn't Teach You in Optometry School
1152155500514Journey Through Darkness: Tips to Enhance Partial Vision
1162155510716How to Customize, Create, and Fit Bespoke Eyewear
1172155502141Posterior Segment Rounds: From Landmarks to The Latest
1182155544140CSI Anterior Segment Case Files
1192155454139Diabetes: Then and Now
1202155435143Pain Management in the Era of Opioid Abuse
1212155522142Problem Solving in Glaucoma Management
1222155484421Facilitated Learning Lab - How to Build a Dry Eye Center of Excellence
1232209763727EHExit Strategies for Slow Selling Frame Inventory
1242155539717Binocular Vision Dysfunction: Vision Therapy and Ophthalmic Lenses
1252155494515Patient History and Triage Techniques
1262155433608Hands-On Workshop - Lensometry & Prism
1272234820610OPCP Testing
1282155524901Cool Corneal Dystrophies (Off-Site Edutainment)
1292155511718The Power and the Politics of the PD
1302155455516Sleep Disorders; What Eyecare Professionals Need to Know
1312155470517Prevention of Medical Errors Within Eye Care
1322155436145Ophthalmic Drugs: Then and Now
1332155505144OCT Connect: Maximizing Your OCT
1342155507422Family Feud - Staffing Best Practices: Pearls From a Growing Practice
1362155512719All About the Base Curve
1372155555146Hot News or Not News
1382155513720The Science Behind Color Enhancement
1392155546721High Powered Lens Designs and Frame Selection
1402155508147Optometric Surgical Comanagement
1412155547722What’s Behind the Blue?
1422155548723Lens Form and Analysis
1432155509148Anterior Segment OCT: The Final Frontier


Course #Presentation TitleDownload
66186801860Special Session: Hot Topics in Neuro-Optometry3/10/20223:00 PM
83186802461Special Session: SECO Rapid Fire-Nothing But New!3/11/20228:00 AM
140182040962Special Session: Glaucoma 2022 - The OD/MD Angle3/12/20228:00 AM
321820393101Image-in That! Scanning for Retinal Disease3/10/20227:00 AM
271820345102See the Light! Adding IPL to Your Practice3/10/20227:00 AM
411820339103Introduction to Optometric Office-based Surgical Procedures3/10/20228:15 AM
351820350105The Pressure is On: Managing Challenging Cases in Glaucoma3/10/20228:15 AM
501820334106Neuro, Optic Nerve, & Orbital Brainteasers3/10/202210:30 AM
481820404107A New Paradigm for Amblyopia Management3/10/202210:30 AM
471820394108When the Urgent & Extraordinary Knocks3/10/202210:30 AM
461820351109Case Files from Bascom Palmer3/10/202210:30 AM
621820357110Ocular Nutrition Controversies3/10/20221:45 PM
591820352111My Vision is Blurry: Could it be My Meds?3/10/20221:45 PM
601820335112OCT Grand Rounds3/10/20221:45 PM
781820336114Neuroimaging 1013/11/20227:00 AM
771820358115AMD A to Z3/11/20227:00 AM
941820372116Seeing is Believing: The Future of Dry Eye3/11/202211:00 AM
921820384117Interventional Glaucoma Management3/11/202211:00 AM
911820346118Important Lab Testing in Optometry3/11/202211:00 AM
901820354119Handling End-Stage Vision Loss3/11/202211:00 AM
1071820385120MythBusters3/11/20222:00 PM
1091820395121Retinal News: What's Hot, What's Not3/11/20222:00 PM
1191820397122Opening Up on Narrow Angles3/11/20225:00 PM
1081820405123No Tears Amblyopia Treatment: Less Hassle & More Effective3/11/20222:00 PM
1061820368124Human Trafficking3/11/20222:00 PM
1181868032125Pathology Pitfalls3/11/20225:00 PM
1211820359126Retinal Findings in Systemic Disease3/11/20225:00 PM
1201820361127Management of Ocular Pain: Considerations when Prescribing Opiates3/11/20225:00 PM
1361820426128Pre-Op Prep: Optimizing the Ocular Surface3/12/20227:00 AM
1371820377129Seeing Double3/12/20227:00 AM
1531868037130Anterior Segment OCT: The Final Frontier3/12/202211:00 AM
1481820365131Drugs of the Future3/12/202211:00 AM
1511820371132Proactively Managing Myopia3/12/202211:00 AM
1631820428133Differentiating Keratitis3/12/20222:00 PM
1701820401134MIGS Update3/12/20222:00 PM
1651820332135Call The Pharmacist! Current Protocols for Ophthalmic Meds3/12/20222:00 PM
1671820376136Demystifying Prism Prescribing for Diplopia3/12/20222:00 PM
1761820366137Ocular Surface Smackdown: Inflammation or Obstruction3/12/20224:00 PM
1721820386138Laser Lessons Learned3/12/20224:00 PM
1731820406139Prevention of Medical Errors in Eyecare3/12/20224:00 PM
1841820367140The Great Dry Eye RAFT Debate3/13/20228:00 AM
1881820407141Don't Get Sued!3/13/202210:15 AM
1791947276142Facilitated Learning Lab: How to Incorporate Vision Therapy3/12/20224:00 PM
891913524201Vision Therapy Foundations 3/11/202211:00 AM
1051913570203You Don't Say: Nonverbal Speaks Louder Than Words, Improves Patient Experience Care3/11/20222:00 PM
1111913571204Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging in Optometry3/11/20223:00 PM
1171913572206Boxing Out Unconscious Bias: Don’t let your unconscious biases put people in a box!3/11/20225:00 PM
1441935759207Utilizing Topical Treatments in Presbyopia – How Will the Paradigm Shift with an Updated Armamentarium?3/12/202210:00 AM
1451913573208Scleral Lenses: An Overlooked Option for Dry Eyes3/12/202211:00 AM
1601935761209Exploring Treatments on the Horizon in MGD-Associated Dry Eye Disease3/12/20221:00 PM
1611913574210AMD Prevention through Utilization of Nutraceuticals, Advanced Instrumentation, and Lifestyle Adaptations3/12/20222:00 PM
81870031300OD Lunch Symposium3/9/20221:00 PM
231870032301OD/AHP Joint Dinner Symposium - Experience and Evidence: Insights on Chronic Dry Eye Management3/9/20225:15 PM
541870033302OD Lunch Symposium: Delight Patients & Grow the Practice with Contact Lens Innovations – Panel Discussion3/10/202212:30 PM
511870034303AHP Lunch Symposium3/10/202211:30 AM
991870035304OD Lunch Symposium3/11/202212:00 PM
881870036305AHP Lunch Symposium - Focus on Presbyopia: Innovative Approaches to Patient Management3/11/202211:00 AM
1561870037306OD Lunch Symposium - Providing Clarity: Innovations in Presbyopia Management 3/12/202212:00 PM
1541870038307Student Lunch Symposium3/12/202211:15 AM
1801947551308OD Dinner Symposium3/12/20226:00 PM
131820387401MedPRO360: Eyewear Trends and Selection Techniques3/9/20222:00 PM
171820403402MedPRO360: How To Develop Your Business in a Corporate Setting3/9/20224:15 PM
391868012404MedPRO360: Top 10 Mistakes Practices Make With Their Marketing3/10/20228:15 AM
421820402405MedPRO360: Create a Lead Management Strategy to Drive Patients to Your Practice3/10/202210:30 AM
531820388406MedPRO360: Communication Skills to Improve Your Practice3/10/202212:30 PM
631820396407MedPRO360: From 17 to 100 employees; Pearls From a Growing Practice3/10/20221:45 PM
671820355408MedPRO360 Facilitated Learning Lab: Onboarding New Hires- Staff Training3/10/20223:00 PM
841820337409MedPRO360 Facilitated Learning Lab: Staffing - Stop the Revolving Door!3/11/20228:00 AM
981820380410MedPRO360: Making Meetings Matter3/11/202212:00 PM
1011820398411MedPRO360: How to Get 1000 Five-Star Reviews3/11/20221:15 PM
1151820342412MedPRO360: Finding & Creating Social Media Content,3/11/20223:30 PM
1221820416413MedPRO360 Facilitated Learning Lab: How to Build a Dry Eye Center of Excellence3/11/20225:15 PM
1491820422414MedPRO360: Creating Perceived Value for Patients3/12/202211:00 AM
1551820343415MedPRO360: Build A Budget and Full Marketing Plan In An Hour3/12/202212:00 PM
1691820417416MedPRO360: The Feasibility of Dropping Vision Plans3/12/20222:00 PM
1751820338417MedPRO360: Coding and Billing3/12/20224:00 PM
1871820418418MedPRO360: Coding and Billing Boot Camp3/13/20228:00 AM
61820344501Ocular Surface Disease Update: What’s New in 20223/9/202211:00 AM
111820392502AMD: Earlier Detection and Improved Outcomes3/9/20222:00 PM
191868003503Glaucoma: What Would You Do?3/9/20224:15 PM
291820340505Screening for Skin Cancer3/10/20227:00 AM
401820356506Modern Day Diabetes3/10/20228:15 AM
371820364507Dry Eye & Contacts: Put On, Soak In, Drop Out!3/10/20228:15 AM
641820369508Scleral Lens Basics: Getting Started3/10/20221:45 PM
791820410509Makeup and the Ocular Surface: What You Need to Know3/11/20227:00 AM
1341820399510Cross-Linking: Yay or Nay?3/12/20227:00 AM
1471820331511MRIs, CTs, & Lab Work, Oh My!3/12/202211:00 AM
1741820373512New & Innovative Uses for Contact Lenses3/12/20224:00 PM
1861842419513CPR workshop with RC Health Services3/13/20228:00 AM
141843714514Act Today, Change Tomorrow: MiSight® Certification3/9/20222:30 PM
221842305515Act Today, Change Tomorrow: Paragon CRT Certification3/9/20224:15 PM
871949937517Spanish TBD3/11/202210:30 AM
91820363701 Contrast Sensitivity & Visual Perception3/9/20222:00 PM
201868004702Fitting Pediatric Eyewear3/9/20224:15 PM
281820379704Circadian Rhythms & Blue Light3/10/20227:00 AM
441820370705Revolutionary Dry Eye Technology for Technicians and Opticians3/10/202210:30 AM
451820378706I Can't See: Troubleshooting Rx Complaints3/10/202210:30 AM
521820375707Ocular History Taking3/10/202212:30 PM
551820411708Power Optics: Calculating Position of Wear3/10/202212:30 PM
581868017709The Tech's Role in the Management of Ocular Emergencies3/10/20221:45 PM
681820391710Sister Act II: The O'Keefe's All New Optical Tips3/10/20223:00 PM
361820374711Scribe Boot Camp3/10/20228:15 AM
741820348712Managing Difficult Frame Fits3/11/20227:00 AM
811868025713What's New for Opticians and Technicians?3/11/20228:00 AM
951820360714OCT and Visual Fields: What Tests Are You Doing and Why?3/11/202212:00 PM
961868027715Understanding the Optics of Strong and Larger Lenses3/11/202212:00 PM
1031820421716Eye Diseases Opticians and Technicians Should Be Familiar With3/11/20221:15 PM
1041820413717Prism: Moving Objects in 3D Space3/11/20221:15 PM
1131820362718Ocular Anatomy: How and Why the Eye Works3/11/20223:30 PM
1121820381719Let’s Get Techie With Photochromic Lenses3/11/20223:30 PM
1161868031720AHP General Session: D.I.S.C. Personality Assessments-Building Common Ground One Interaction at a Time3/11/20224:30 PM
1321820349721Secrets of the Lens Cross3/12/20227:00 AM
1381868036722A Little Bit of S.O.A.P. 3/12/20228:00 AM
1461820414723Material Matters; A Deep Dive into Lens Substrates and Design Optics3/12/202211:00 AM
1571868039724Fundamentals of Progressive Lens Design3/12/202212:00 PM
1591820330725Pharmacology for Opticians and Technicians3/12/202212:00 PM
1621820415726Solutions for Anisometropia3/12/20222:00 PM
1681820408727Age-Appropriate Vision Skills3/12/20222:00 PM
1771820390728Principles of Refraction for Opticians and Technicians3/12/20224:00 PM
161842296729Accommodation & Convergence 1013/9/20223:00 PM
241842308900Strutting Your Stuff: Modern Day Aesthetics and NOLA Architectural Walking Tour [OFFSITE]3/9/20226:30 PM
701842350901As Seen on TV – Designer Drugs and their Ocular Side Effects presented with the New Orleans City Tour by Night [OFFSITE]3/10/20227:00 PM
1281842393902Malpractice Misadventures & Culinary Event at The New Orleans School of Cooking3/11/20227:30 PM
341868011V105The Pressure is On: Managing Challenging Cases in Glaucoma3/10/20228:15 AM
491868013V106Neuro, Optic Nerve, & Orbital Brainteasers3/10/202210:30 AM
611868016V112OCT Grand Rounds3/10/20221:45 PM
761868022V115AMD A to Z3/11/20227:00 AM
931868026V117Interventional Glaucoma Management3/11/202211:00 AM
1101868029V120MythBusters3/11/20222:15 PM
1231820329V125Pathology Pitfalls3/11/20225:15 PM
1351868033V129Seeing Double3/12/20227:00 AM
1521820400V130Anterior Segment OCT: The Final Frontier3/12/202211:00 AM
1661868040V135Call The Pharmacist! Current Protocols for Ophthalmic Meds3/12/20222:00 PM
1711868042V138Laser Lessons Learned3/12/20224:00 PM
1851868044V140The Great Dry Eye RAFT Debate3/13/20228:00 AM
1891868045V141Don't Get Sued!3/13/202210:15 AM
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