Dive into the business aspect of your practice and keep abreast of the most recent developments in leadership and management strategies. The widely appreciated and recently broadened MedPRO360 curriculum promises to feature renowned practice management experts. These thought leaders will share invaluable insights and actionable strategies related to:

  • Building Leadership, Efficient Staffing, and Human Resources Management
  • Handling Financial Aspects of your Practice
  • Enhancing Sales and Communications Tactics
  • Delivering Superior Customer Service
  • Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies
  • Navigating Billing and Coding Practices

As noted by the MedPRO360 Committee Chair, Ted McElroy, O.D., "Running a successful business often presents its fair share of challenges, especially in the field of eye care. That's where MedPRO360 steps in. Our program is designed to provide you with the resources necessary to navigate the intricacies of small business management, transforming potential hurdles into opportunities for growth and success. MedPRO360 empowers you to embrace change, identify opportunities, and make confident decisions amidst uncertainty."

"For the upcoming SECO 2024, we've enriched the program further with innovative educational formats, ensuring an engaging mix of learning and fun. Among these are sessions that encourage active audience participation, fostering a dynamic learning environment. We're confident that these sessions will provide you with insights that can fuel your business growth, all while ensuring an enjoyable experience. So, be sure to include MedPRO360 sessions in your schedule, and join us in accessing the finest business intelligence and strategies in eye care. With MedPRO360, you're not just learning - you're moving forward."