What is outboarding and what do I do if I witness it?

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As the owners and producers of SECO100, we work diligently to protect our exhibitor’s commitment to and investment in both the trade show and the industry by taking a firm stance against outboarding. Outboarding is when any non-exhibitor hosts an unofficial event anywhere in the city that attracts SECO attendees. SECO is organized so that companies in the optometry industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers and examine market trends and opportunities, while participation dollars provide SECO with the funds to host this event and invest back into the industry. The integrity of the show is diminished, and the value becomes diluted when companies seek in an unofficial capacity to capitalize on SECO attendees. If you hear of an outboarding event, please contact management at exhibits@secostaff.com. If you observe this activity during SECO 100, please inform any of the SECO volunteers or visit the show management office (Room 307).