Show Specials

OptiSource International172525% OFF Equipment including: New Lens Inspection Station+, Axis 221 Lensmeter, 3-in-1 Lens Inspection Station, AllClean UV-C Oven, Deluxe Pupilometer, Trial Lens Set. 20% OFF The Eye Doctor+ PREMIUM and ESSENTIAL Eye Compress. Up to 35% OFF Imprinted Spray Lens Cleaners. Up 50% OFF Imprinted Microfiber Cloths. Up to 25% OFF Imprinted Boutique Bags. Up to 30% OFF Fog Free+ Anti-Fog Spray Lens Cleaner. 25% OFF Snapit Frame Screws (silver wheel). Up to 35% OFF All Off Marking Ink Remover. 25% OFF 9-Piece Deluxe Screwdriver Set. 25% OFF Digital Lens Clock.
Akrinos163320%-Off The Practice Launchpad™ and Analyze.Strategize.Implement. ™ consulting solutions.
AOA Business Card1559The AOA Business Card is offering SECO attendees a chance to get their national AOA Dues paid, and take advantage of the premier business credit card designed for doctors of optometry.
Design Eyewear GroupV15Purchase 30 frames and get 3 free!
DGH Technology Inc.1527$500.00 off Pachymeters and Scanmate A-Scan. Up to $1,700.00 off Scanmate Flex System.
Diopsys1525Come see how ERG technology can benefit your patients and your practice and save thousands!
HEINE1655$160 off the purchase of an OMEGA 600 BIO.
Jonathan Cate182120 piece opening order; Special discount of 25% PLUS a Complimentary Leather Wallet by Jonathan Cate
Kasperek1859Order any 10 frames to receive the Apple Airpods Pro free. Order any 32 frames to receive an Apple iPad free. Order any 40 frames to receive an Apple iPad free. Order any 24 frames to receive an Apple iPad free. Order any 10 frames to receive $200 in Visa rebate gift cards. For every 10 frames purchased you will receive 1 entry to win a FREE iPhone 12. Winner will be drawn Saturday at 3pm. Winner does not need to be present to win.
Kids Bright Eyes1631Kids Bright Eyes will be doing our Stock and Save Program - buy 24 get 3 Free!
M&S Techonologies1727Save $500 on a Smart System® | VR Headset, stop by for a demo. The M&S programable VR Headset and Surface Pro 7 is powered by our time-tested software for fast, accurate and convenient visual field testing. Offer good until March 31, 2022.
Nanodropper152140% off retail price for bulk orders of 20 units or more. A way to trial a revolutionary new device for less than $200!
OWP1759 20% off all qualifying opening orders.
Pharmanex1419$300 off Biophotonic Hand Scanner registrations as well as $1500 worth of digital scans.
Santinelli1754Show Specials include low Financing, 2-year Coverage, and Special Discounting for those who wish to purchase the equipment outright.
Shwood1958Buy 24, get 2 additional frames. Buy 30, get 3 additional frames. Buy 45, get 5 additional frames and a tower (optional).
The Dry Eye Doctor173010% off of any order. Buy 5 Stainless Instrument and get a free Instrument Sanitizer and Tray to keep them in all for only $540.00!!!
Heru1418Visit the Heru booth #1418 to learn more about our wearable diagnostic platform and claim your special show offer.
Walmart 1919 Giveaway – Giving away a “eufy robovac” at the end of the show.