The eye care industry is constantly evolving. In order to address the eyewear needs of today’s clientele, opticians need to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends. SECO 20/20 provides a clear view of what’s important now and what’s next through specialized continuing education courses, innovative products and learning opportunities at Optometry’s Marketplace™ and professional social events with fellow opticians from all over the world.

General Session: – Myopia Management: What’s All the Hype?

Friday, March 6th 3:00 – 4:00PM

This year’s general session for Opticians and Technicians will feature a discussion on one of the hottest topics in eyecare, titled “Myopia Management” Attendees will hear what’s new in the area of controlling myopia using multiple modalities, and the staff’s role in creating awareness of the issue and identifying those at risk. Don’t miss this informative and dynamic panel made possible through and unrestricted education grant provided by Essilor.

New to the Office Series

The “New to the Office” series is designed to provide basic information for new hire’s and cross training for the entire practice. Sessions are focused on key topics for Opticians and Technicians and include the following:

  • New to the Office: Ocular Anatomy with Jennifer Snyder, O.D.
  • New to the Office: Technician with Sonya Newman
  • New to the Office: Optical with Laurie Pierce
  • New to the Office: Front Desk with Sharon Carter

Unopposed Sessions

New for 2020- Daily unopposed featured sessions specifically designed for large group learning. Sessions include:

  • O'Keefe Sisters Share Optical Tips and Tricks with Laurie O’Keefe Pierce, Candace O’Keefe Culp and Jackie O’Keefe
  • Refractive Status of the Human Eye - Connecting Anatomy & Physiology with Management
  • Options of Contact Lenses and Spectacles with Mike Gzik
  • This is Us-Teamwork Makes the Dream Work! with Lynn Lawrence

New SECO Speakers

With over 50% of the Optician and Tech speakers new to SECO, you’ll want to arrange your schedule to tap into the expertise of your favorites as well as these must-see new lecturers.

Charlie Sacarrelli, ABOM – Optician, Lab Owner, Finalist for 2019 International Optician of the Year

  • What's New in Spectacle Lens Technology for 2020
  • MedPRO360- Workplace Dynamics - Constructive Criticism Doesn't Cut it
  • Game Changing Solutions for Patients with Visual Field Loss
  • Seeing is More Than 20/20
  • Designing Spectacle Lenses for Your Toughest Patients

Rebecca Johnson, COE, CPT, COT – Motivational ophthalmic staff trainer, nationally recognized speaker.

  • MedPRO360 -Don’t Let RX's Walk Out the Door
  • Ocular Manifestations of Systemic Disease
  • Telephone Triage
  • Chair Side Assisting- Much More Than Note-taking
  • MedPRO360-Attitude Stew-How to Keep from Boiling Over When Others are Steaming

Vince Young, MD. – Ophthalmologist, Cataract Surgeon, Top ranked speaker by Opticians and Technicians

  • Patient History: Top 10
  • The Tech's Role in the Management of Ocular Emergencies
  • Pharmacology for Opticians and Technicians
  • Clinical Ocular Concepts for Opticians, Technicians, and Ancillary Staff
  • Eye Diseases Opticians and Technicians Should be Familiar With

Laurie Pierce, ABOM -Optician, Educator

  • MedPRO360-Eyewear Trends and Selection Techniques
  • New to the office: Optical
  • MedPRO360-Communicating Value - How Do You and Your Patient Differentiate $99 Eyewear from $999 Eyewear?
  • O’Keefe Sisters Share Their All Time Favorite Optical Tips and Tricks