Hone your skills and receive advanced training through SECO’s exclusive Ophthalmic Professional Certificate Program. This program is open to all Opticians, Paraoptometrics, Technicians, and Administrators who want to further their careers and demonstrate their commitment to their profession, regardless of their experience level.

In our comprehensive program, candidates will be assessed on 15 skills required for the pre-screening of patients during an eye exam based on national standards. Participants will accumulate at least 80 course value points and then complete three performance stations in the three-hour Ophthalmic Professionals Certificate Final Assessment. Attendees will have two years to earn the 80 points and up to four years to pass the Final Assessment.

Program Benefits:

This program is the only two-year hands-on certificate testing program available in the optometric profession. It provides a micro-credential that is stackable with other professional accreditations necessary for career advancement.

SECO prides itself on our educational platform that makes it possible to create programs, like this one, to fill the skills gap and meet employer expectations. We continuously re-evaluated and updated the program to address the changes in the field that help you stay competitive.

Who is Eligible:

This program is open to all Allied Healthcare Professionals who want to further their careers and demonstrate their commitment to their profession, regardless of their experience level.

We strongly encourage both veterans & those new to the profession including:

  • Paraoptometrics
  • Ophthalmic Technicians
  • Optical Administration
  • Licensed and Unlicensed Opticians

We do recommend you have the following Pre-requisites completed before starting the program:

  • Pupil Testing
  • Tonometry
  • Visual Acuity
  • Lensometry (Basic/Advanced)
  • Motility
  •  Alternative Tonometry

Program Steps:

Register for SECO 2020 at and declare participation in the program.

Registration can be retroactive up to 4 years starting from SECO 2017 – i.e. Participants who attend SECO 2020 and would like to participate in the program starting with their courses from SECO 2017, this would be possible as there is no deadline to register for the Ophthalmic Professionals Certificate Program.

Each participant must earn 80 points before registering for the final assessment
Following the conference each year, point accumulation will be calculated and participants will be notified of how many points were earned and pass/fail of assessment.

Upon successful completion of coursework and assessment, framed certificates will be mailed to participants.

After verification, if a participant is found to be short of 80 points, the participant will have one more opportunity to earn the remaining point at the following SECO, as long as the participant is within the 4-year period

Register for Ophthalmic Professionals Certificate Final Assessment (Only for those who have completed all requirements)

If you will reach your 80 points at SECO 2020, please make sure to register for the assessment to reserve your spot & guarantee program completion.

  • Registration Deadline is February 15, 2020, for the 2020 assessment
    Saturday 3/7/2020 Ophthalmic Professionals Certificate Program Final Assessment | 3:00 PM-5:00 PM
  • The final will assess 15 skills that are required for the prescreening of patients during an eye exam.

Test proctors will be licensed and/or certified professionals within the fields of optometry and ophthalmology.

If assessment is not passed, participants will be granted up to 2 additional years to pass and obtain the certificate

Program Cost:

$100 fee will be associated with the Ophthalmic Professionals Certificate Final Assessment.

$100 fee for each additional time final assessment is taken.

Fee for all other courses and learning labs will be listed in the registration brochure

For Additional Information:

If you would like to sign up for this program in progress, or have any questions, please contact Andriana Foster by email at

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