SECO 2021 Virtual Sessions
How to View Courses

1) Head to
2) Find the course you're wanting to view and click JOIN.
3) Enter your Registration (Badge) number and the system will take you to the appropriate Zoom lobby!

All of us at SECO are excited to host our first Virtual Education Program as part of our upcoming annual Congress. I wanted to take a few minutes to explain how this is all going to work so that participating will be as easy as possible.


To participate in our virtual sessions, you'll need just a few things:


  1. A good computer or tablet (Participating by phone is discouraged.)
  2. A stable Internet connection
  3. Your registered course schedule
  4. Your SECO 2021 registration number

Let's discuss each of these briefly.

A good computer or tablet will make for a quality educational experience. While technically you can participate
with a mobile phone, the screen will be so small as to detract from the overall learning experience. Please make every effort to have a desktop computer, laptop, or normal-sized tablet available.

Regardless of your device, a stable Internet connection is essential. A computer connected to your network by
ethernet cable is optimal, but if that's not available, a strong wifi signal can work well. Being close to your wifi router or access point will allow for faster, more reliable connections.

If you're good to go with your equipment and connection, make sure to have your course schedule
available. You can always view, download, and print your class schedule by visiting our online registration system and clicking the "mySchedule" link:

If you don't remember your password, you can reset it by using this link found on the page referenced above.


Lastly, you'll need your SECO 2021 Registration Number. This was included on the registration confirmation emailed to you at the time of registration, but can be retrieved a couple of other ways, as well. First, you can find your Registration (Badge) Number on your registration dashboard using the link mentioned above. Just look to the far right and you'll see your Reg #:


The second way to retrieve your Reg # is to use our Registration ID Recovery Utility:



Your computer is ready, you've got your class schedule and your Reg #. You're ready to JOIN your scheduled virtual classes. To do this is easy. Point your browser to our virtual meeting page on

When you've loaded up that page you'll see a listing of classes for that day. Find the class you're wanting to
JOIN and click the JOIN button. Here are some examples:


You'll then be taken to a web page where you'll be asked to enter your Reg #. The system will then check to confirm you're registered for the Congress, then check to see if you're registered for the selected class. If both of those steps are confirmed, you'll be taken to the appropriate Zoom lobby for that course. Be patient as the system will go through a few different screens, pausing to collect attendee and course information before recording your log in and then proceeding to Zoom.

Those links aren't available quite yet, but you can actually test the system RIGHT NOW by visiting our virtual meeting page and looking for the TEST THE LOGIN SYSTEM button:


If successful, you'll land on "dummy" Zoom landing pages: