SECO 2022 Virtual Meeting

Schedules, Logins, Evaluations, and Verification of Attendance

Thank you for participating in our SECO 2022 Virtual Meeting!

Using your Registration Number you'll find links to complete the post-course evaluations for courses. Attendees must first complete all postcourse evaluations in order to view and download the complete Verification of Attendance (VOA).

If you have any questions, please contact

Virtual courses approved by COPE are approved as Interactive Distance Learning.
Please consult your state board to find out how interactive live-streamed webinars will apply toward your license.

Complete Evaluations

TIP: Your Registration Number is exactly seven digits.

Completed Courses

Please refrain from using mobile devices when completing post-course evaluations, as the auto-filling of the forms in unreliable with some mobile browsers. Please use a laptop or desktop computer for best results. If the form fields do NOT populate with your personal demographic data, please try another browser or contact us at for assistance.