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Course # (sort)Presentation Title (sort)Speakers (sort)Date (sort)StartEndDescriptionHoursAccreditations
41646541100Cutting Edge Co-ManagementBobby Saenz, OD4/27/20216:00 PM8:00 PMYESPeri-Operative Management of Ophthalmic Surgery (PO)NONOYESODNONOYESNOOD12COPE 71044-PO | SC OD 20-845284
131523060105Injecting Injections in Your PracticeScott Moscow, OD4/28/202112:00 PM1:00 PMBroaden your scope of practice by learning how to perform intralesional injections and the equipment required. Also, learn how to bill insurance for the injection and the office visit in the same day with the use of a modifier (when appropriate). This presentation includes videos of injections being performed by the speaker.YESInjection Skills (IS)NONONOYESODNONOYESNOOD11COPE 70916-IS | SC OD 20-845286
181646546705Issues Management 411: Dealing With Difficult PeopleLynn Lawrence4/28/20212:00 PM4:00 PMThis course is designed to identify proper ways to deal with difficult people, along with ways to neutralize awkward encounters. Work place safety and avoidance of violence for both staff members and patients will be emphasized.NONOYESNONONOYESAHPNONONONOYESAHP22ABO S21N014 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | NC Optician Spectacle-NCS-2021-056 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
191646545500Future in Focus: Emerging Eyecare Treatments & TechnologiesChris Wroten, OD4/28/20212:00 PM4:00 PMThis continuously updated course reviews new treatments and technologies poised to enhance delivery of eye care and improve patient outcomes. Topics include new and emerging pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, gene therapies, 3-D printing, wearable technologies, diagnostics, and surgical and non-surgical therapies, among others.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)YESNONOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESYESOD22COPE 71476-GO | SC OD 20-845310
241646547706Advanced Anatomy & Physiology of the EyeDiane Drake4/28/20214:15 PM5:15 PMThis course will identify the structures of the eye, explaining each of their visual functions. The extraocular muscles of the eye will be discussed, along with refractive errors and their appropriate correction.NONOYESYESYESNOYESAHPNONONONOAHP11ABO ST21N014-1 | NCLE CT21N012-1 | AOA PARA AP-0006-21 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | NC Optician CL-NCC-2021-051; Spectacle-NCS-2021-047 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
271646544106Medical and Surgical Grand RoundsBrooks Alldredge, OD4/28/20214:15 PM6:15 PMThis unique presentation will tell the story of one patient with a complex neuro-ophthalmic condition that proved to be vision and life-threatening. In addition to describing the diagnosis and treatment in detail, each test, decision, discussion, action and result in the order that they occurred will be outlined. Together, we will extrapolate the many lessons this case has to offer, including strategies for clinical decision-making, lab testing and neuroimaging, and a guide for presenting bad news.YESSystemic Disease (SD)YESNOYESODNONOYESNOYESOD12COPE 71442-SD | SC OD 20-845288
311647861425MedPRO360: How to Create a Work Culture You LoveTed McElroy, OD4/28/20215:15 PM6:15 PMOur business cultures are often controlled by the outcomes we wish to attain on metrics and financial concerns. Those are important. But they are less important than creating a culture which allows everyone to feel safe, respected and heard by the rest of the team and the leaders. This course will help you create a culture where everyone has trust and vulnerability, engagement in conflict on important issues, agreements around decisions made as a team, each team member holds one another accountable and focuses on the team over individuals. The truth is healthy companies are far more successful and fulfilling than smart companies.YESPractice Management (PM)YESNOYESOD, AHPNONONONOAHP21COPE 71897-PM
341406427501Glaucoma 2021Arkadiy Yadgarov, MD4/28/20217:15 PM9:15 PMThis presentation will update the doctor of optometry on all the latest glaucoma medication options, including interactions, which drops to combine with what, and side effects. Since poor adherence to glaucoma therapy is associated with higher rates of progression, we will also take a thorough look at the many new therapies that may reduce or eliminate the eye drop burden for patients.YESGlaucoma (GL)NONONOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESYESOD22COPE 71817-GL | SC OD 20-845312
411646552505Controversies in Eye Disease ManagementBrooks Alldredge, OD4/29/20217:00 AM8:00 AMShould cataract surgery be bilateral on the same day? Is scleral depression really necessary anymore? Should every cataract patient have a pre-op OCT? This course looks at these and other current controversies in medical and surgical eye care, focusing on both anterior and posterior segment disease. These hot-button issues will surely provide a lively debate.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NONONONONOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESOD11COPE 71096-GO | SC OD 20-845314
431646555710Dispensing to the Elderly: A Glimpse at the Aging EyeJackie O'Keefe4/29/20217:00 AM8:00 AMWhen assisting the elderly, ECPs can do a lot to improve their quality of life by providing optical solutions to their subjective complaints. This course examines the top eye disorders the aging individual experiences, and what we can do to assist with their disability.NONOYESNOYESNOYESAHPNONONONOAHP11ABO ST21N013-1 | AOA PARA OP-0007-21 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | NC Optician Spectacle-NCS-2021-054 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
481646551405MedPRO360: Coding and BillingSharon Carter4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMYou will learn in this course how to bill the proper codes so that you can receive the payment to which you are entitled, while ensuring compliancy and avoiding audits.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONONONOAHP22COPE 71070-PM | ABO S21N003 | AOA PARA CW-0007-21 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
531646553506Scleral Lens Complications and ControversiesJason Jedlicka, OD4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMThis course will cover some of the potential complications of scleral lens wear, as well as some of the current controversies that surround scleral lens wear. Topics include lens fogging, discomfort, conjunctival prolapse, acceptable lens thickness and vault, post-lens debris, and if scleral lenses can cause significant increases in IOP, and more.YESContact Lenses (CL)NONOYESYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESYESOD22COPE 71097-CL | SC OD 20-845316 | NCLE CT21N008-3 | AOA PARA CL-0007-21 | NC Optician CL-NCC-2021-063 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
571646556713AR Treatments: The JourneyJackie O'Keefe4/29/202110:30 AM11:30 AMJust when you begin to think that AR treatments have fully evolved, another technological development is born. This course offers a great opportunity for eyecare professionals to catch up with today’s technological advancements in AR treatments and present them to the patient in a language he/she can understand.NONOYESNONONOYESAHPNONONONOAHP11ABO ST21N011-2 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | NC Optician Spectacle-NCS-2021-049 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
611646549116Going Viral: HSV, HZO, EKCNathan Lighthizer, OD4/29/202110:30 AM12:30 PMViruses are some of the most common microorganisms that affect both the body and the eyes. This interactive presentation will review the etiologies, risk factors, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and proper treatment for the ocular and systemic aspects of herpes zoster, herpes simplex and epidemic keratoconjunctivits.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NONOYESODNONOYESNOOD12COPE 70918-AS | SC OD 20-845290
671406349408MedPRO360: Customer Service vs Customer Experience: What’s the Difference?Joy Gibb4/29/202112:30 PM1:30 PMThere's a lot of talk about the differences between customer service and a customer experience. This course will help you create an experience-based culture, and will provide specific ideas that can be implemented in your practice.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONONOYESOD, AHPNONONONOOD21COPE 71072-PM | ABO S21N013 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
751646554507The Vision and Wellness ConnectionTammy Than, OD4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMYESGeneral Optometry (GO)NOYESYESYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESAHP11COPE 71477-GO | SC OD 20-845318 | ABO ST21N025-3 | NCLE CT21N019-3 | AOA PARA ED-0011-21 | NC Optician CL-NCC-2021-065; Spectacle-NCS-2021-071 | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
801646550118Practical Management of Ocular PainJessica Steen, OD4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMThis course will update doctors on the pharmaceutical management of ocular pain using opioid and non-opioid medications. Adverse effects of opioid use, signs of misuse, and treatment of opioid overdoses will be highlighted.YESPharmacology (PH)NONOYESODNONOYESNOYESOD11COPE 71045-PH | SC OD 20-845292
82164654860Special Session: An Eye on NeuroAndrew Lee, MD4/29/20212:30 PM4:30 PMThis special session, never before seen at SECO, features a world renowned neurologist who will discuss key clinical, laboratory, and radiographic features of potentially vision or life threatening conditions in neuro-ophthalmology/optometry.YESNeuro-Optometry (NO)NONONOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESAUD2COPE 71079-NO | SC OD 20-845278
851646557716Teambuilding: From Me to WeSharon Carter; Lynn Lawrence4/29/20212:45 PM4:45 PMNONOYESNONONOYESAHPNONONONOAHP12ABO S21N015 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians
921646565720Contact Lens Solutions for Dry EyeMile Brujic, OD4/30/20217:00 AM8:00 AMThis course will give the attendee a better understanding of the relationship between contact lens solutions and comfort, with strategies provided to make your patients more successful lens wearers.NONONOYESYESNOYESAHPNONONONOAHP11NCLE CT21N010-3 | AOA PARA CL-0009-21 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | NC Optician CL-NCC-2021-055| TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
941646564510Getting Started With OCTJulie Rodman, OD4/30/20217:00 AM8:00 AMOptical Coherence Tomography is a non-invasive imaging modality that has enhanced the evaluation and management of the posterior pole. This course will review interpretation and clinical application of the OCT in the primary eye care setting.YESPrinciples of Diagnosis (PD)NONONOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESOD11COPE 71098-PD | SC OD 20-845320
97164655861Special Session: Clinical Perspectives in Patient CareRon Melton, OD; Randall Thomas, OD4/30/20218:00 AM10:00 AMWith over 80 combined years of intensive clinical experience, legendary doctors Melton and Thomas will present up-to-date information on clinical patient care in this SECO exclusive special session. A wide array of anterior and posterior segment topics will be covered, emphasizing the latest medical management of acute and chronic eye conditions.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NONONOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESAUD2COPE 70915-GO | SC OD 20-845280
981646566721Rebuilding: Bolster Morale, Reduce Anxiety, and Enhance Safety for Your Team and PatientsLynn Lawrence; Sharon Carter; Joy Gibb4/30/20218:00 AM10:00 AMThis course is designed to discuss the current pandemic, and its effects on your practice. While rebuilding efforts take place, we will focus on reducing worker anxiety, enhancing workplace safety, and maintaining CDC guidelines day to day.NONOYESNOYESNOYESAHPNONONONOAHP22ABO S21N012 | AOA PARA PM-0016-21 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
1111646559128Beauty and the BeastLeslie Odell, OD4/30/202111:00 AM12:00 PMWomen typically use 12 cosmetic products per day and men about 6. Research shows multiple adverse reactions to cosmetics may occur from their ingredients absorbed through the skin – from ocular irritation, blepharitis, meibomian gland and corneal epithelial cell toxicity, to dry eye disease. We must educate patients about ocular-surface-friendly products.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NONOYESODNONOYESNOYESOD11COPE 72360-AS | SC OD 20-845294
1141646562415MedPRO360: Communicating with PatientsSharon Carter4/30/202112:00 PM1:00 PMCommunicating with our patients should be the most important thing we do each day. Learn the various ways we communicate, including verbal, facial expressions, and body language, and how to use each one of these in a positive way to make sure patients stay in your practice.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONONOYESOD, AHPNONONONOOD21COPE 71073-PM | ABO S21N019 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | NC Optician Spectacle-NCS-2021-058 | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
1211646567726Theory of RefractionPhernell Walker4/30/20211:15 PM2:15 PMHave you ever wanted to know how to perform a subjective refraction? In this course you will learn the theory and steps to perform a subjective refraction. Topics include capturing an objective refraction, working distance, cylinder and axis, duochrome refinement and final prescription.NONOYESYESYESNOYESAHPNONONONOAHP11ABO ST21N002-3 | NCLE CT21N002-3 | AOA PARA RS-0004-21 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | NC Optician CL-NCC-2021-066; Spectacle-NCS-2021-072 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
1241646560134Innovations in Glaucoma: Next Generation Technology, Medications, and DeliveryJustin Schweitzer, OD4/30/20212:15 PM4:15 PMAdvances in glaucoma continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In order to continue to care for glaucoma patients at a high level it is imperative that innovation continues. The focus of this course is to discuss new diagnostic technology, what’s new in the management pipeline, and what the future holds.YESGlaucoma (GL)NONOYESODNONOYESNOOD12COPE 70924-GL | SC OD 20-845296
1311406351417MedPRO360: Tele-Frame Styling & Optical SalesJoy Gibb4/30/20213:15 PM4:15 PMDuring the pandemic, opticians learned they could continue to sell glasses in a non-contact setting. This course will explore new and innovative ways to enhance the dispensing experience without physical contact with the patient.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONONOYESOD, AHPNONONONOAHP11COPE 71779-PM | ABO ST21N009-1 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | NC Optician Spectacle-NCS-2021-060 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
1361646568730General Session: How to Deliver a Patient Centric Eyecare Experience in 2021 and BeyondRyan Parker, OD; Pete Hanlin; Sharon Carter; Frank Pigneri4/30/20214:30 PM6:30 PMThe key to profit is understanding what the customer wants and how we need to adapt to them. We will talk about how to use tried and true retail rules to put the patient/consumer at the center of the experience.NONOYESNOYESNOYESAHPNONONONOAUD2ABO ST21N024-2 | AOA PARA PM-0017-21 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | NC Opticians Spectacle-NCS-2021-055
1401646561137Laser Therapy and Advanced Procedures in OptometryNathan Lighthizer, OD4/30/20215:15 PM7:15 PMLump and bump removal, chalazion treatment, punctal occlusion, and various anterior segment laser procedures are essential for optometrists to be familiar with. Optometrists in several states are now performing these procedures on a routine basis. This interactive presentation will review and update these procedures including indications, contraindications, risks, complications, treatment protocols, and pre- and post-op management.YESSurgical Procedures (SP)NONONOYESODNONOYESNOOD12COPE 71091-SP | SC OD 20-845298
1481646576515Swollen Optic Nerves: Now What?Nathan Lighthizer, OD5/1/20217:00 AM8:00 AMOptic nerve head pathology including swelling can range from very benign to a life threatening emergency. This grand rounds format will review and update the most common causes of ONH swelling, pseudo-swelling and papilledema.YESNeuro-Optometry (NO)NONONOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESOD11COPE 71100-NO | SC OD 20-845322
1491646579735Are You Feeling ANSI About Standards?Phernell Walker5/1/20217:00 AM8:00 AMFeeling a little ANSI about knowing the latest in standards? The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z80 for prescription eyewear is essential for every dispensing optician. This course will help opticians understand and apply ANSI Z80 as apart of our everyday work for both troubleshooting, creating, and delivering the most accurate eyewear.NONOYESNONONOYESAHPNONONONOAHP11ABO ST21N017-3 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | NC Optician CL-NCC-2021-052; Spectacle-NCS-2021-050 | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
1521646581736Case Studies of the Rich and Famous: Troubleshooting From the Exam Room to the Optical Phernell Walker5/1/20218:00 AM10:00 AMEye care professionals must be able to troubleshoot patient complaints. This interactive course will use the SOAP format to problem solve challenging eyewear problems, from the exam room to the dispensary of the rich and famous.NONOYESNONONOYESAHPNONONONOAHP22ABO ST21N016-3 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | NC Optician Spectacle-NCS-2021-052 | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
155164657162Special Session: Anterior Segment Advances: The Future is Now! Lawrence Woodard, MD; John Berdahl, MD5/1/20218:00 AM10:00 AMYESAnterior Segment (AS)NONONOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESAUD2COPE 71243-AS | SC OD 20-845282
1621646575420MedPRO360: Post COVID Leadership Tactics to Implement DailyTed McElroy, OD5/1/202110:15 AM11:15 AMWe all have plans, goals and dreams, but then life happens and it turns out way different than expected. This presentation will help the attendee look for ways to succeed at work and win at life even in the middle of the toughest days.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONONONOOD11COPE 71572-PM | ABO S21N010 | AOA PARA PM-0018-21 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
1641646573146A Refresher on OCT for Primary Eye Care ProvidersChris Wroten, OD5/1/202111:15 AM12:15 PMThis course reviews the science behind optical coherence tomography (OCT), the devices on the market, variables which confound image interpretation, and clinical indications. Applicable coding & billing pearls are also presented, along with emerging OCT breakthroughs and some clinical anterior and posterior segment OCT & OCT-A images from various ocular pathologies.YESPrinciples of Diagnosis (PD)NONOYESODNONOYESNOYESOD21COPE 71041-PD | SC OD 20-845300
1661681383306Student Symposium (Don’t miss the chance to win a scholarship or gift card!)5/1/202111:15 AM12:15 PMNONONOYESStudentsNONONONOAHP21NO CE
1751658805739Mastering Ophthalmic FormulaePhernell Walker5/1/202112:15 PM1:15 PMThis course explores the formulas used to solve dioptric power of thick lenses, vertex with cylinders, prism compensated lenses, and much more.NONOYESNONONOYESAHPNONONONOAHP11ABO ST21N015-3 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians
1811646574151Eyeing Glaucoma in the 21st CenturyBen Casella, OD5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMYESGlaucoma (GL)NONOYESODNONOYESNOOD11COPE 70934-GL | SC OD 20-845302
1831648645422MedPRO360: Artificial Intelligence in Eye CareChris Wroten, OD5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMThis course explores the history and development of artificial intelligence (AI) and reviews relevant AI terminology. Current AI platforms in use and in development in the areas of clinical care, electronic health records, and practice management platforms are also presented, as well as results of studies examining the accuracy and limitations of AI-enabled diagnostic technology.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NOYESYESYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOAHP11COPE 71095-GO | SC OD 20-845308 | ABO ST21N001-3 | NCLE CT21N001-3 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Opticians | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
1901406390743Contact Lenses to Improve Quality of LifeBuddy Russell5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMThis course is all about scleral contact lenses, which provide unique therapeutic and vision rehabilitative properties that overcome the therapeutic gaps encountered with conventional contact lens therapies. New materials--in particular, the use of highly oxygen-permeable materials --in the management of irregular corneal surface disorders and ocular surface disease will be discussed.NONONOYESYESNOYESAHPNONONONOAHP12NCLE CT1N006-2 | AOA PARA CL-0006-21 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Optician | NC Optician CL-NCC-2021-057 | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
1921406395516The Challenges of the CorneaJustin Schweitzer, OD5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMThis case base coursed will challenge attendees with a variety of anterior segment presentations , including infectious keratitis, recurrent corneal erosions, and corneal degenerations/dystrophies. The challenging decisions that OD's face with diagnosis and management will be debated.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NONONOYESNOYESOD, AHPNONOYESNOYESOD12COPE 71101-AS | SC OD 20-845324
1991646578517CL Management for the TeamApril Jasper, OD5/1/20216:15 PM7:15 PMYESContact Lenses (CL)NONOYESYESNOYESOD, AHPNONONONOYESOD21COPE 71102-CL | NCLE CT21N018-3 | AOA PARA CL-0004-21 | NC Optician CL-NCC-2021-053 | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
2011646583744Advanced Prism ApplicationsPhernell Walker5/1/20216:15 PM7:15 PMThis class will explore advanced prism applications including Prentice Rule combined with lens tilt, prism applications for TBI, strabismus, accidental prism, prism distribution, prism thinning, compounding and resolving prism.NONOYESNONONOYESAHPNONONONOAHP21ABO ST21N012-3 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | TN Board of Dispensing Optician | NC Optician Spectacle-NCS-2021-048 | KY Board of Ophthalmic Dispensers
2111646585750Preventing Medical Errors in the Optical EnvironmentDiane Drake5/2/20218:00 AM10:00 AMThis course will identify medical errors in the optical environment, understanding how they happen and what the results can be, as well as introducing ways to prevent them. Included in the discussion will be common terms, including failure mode, root cause analysis, assessment, and much more.NONOYESNONONOYESAHPNONONONOAHP12ABO ST21N018-2 |GA Optician GBDO-21-001 | Spectacle-NCS-2021-063
2131646584171My Latest and Greatest CasesPaul C. Ajamian, OD5/2/20218:00 AM10:00 AMCases seen at one of the nation's oldest co-management centers will be discussed, with relevant pearls on anterior and posterior segment cases highlighted throughout.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NONOYESODNONOYESNOOD12COPE 71066-GO | SC OD 20-845304
2171523065751Georgia Opticianry Laws and RulesDiane Drake5/2/202110:15 AM11:15 AMThis course will present the laws and rules for opticians in Georgia. Discussion will include history, scope of practice, violations and penalties, licensing process and continuing education.NONOYESYESNONOYESAHPNONONONOAHP21ABO S21N018 | NCLE CT21R003-2 | GA Optician GBDO-21-001
2191523063172Steering Clear of MalpracticePaul C. Ajamian, OD5/2/202110:15 AM11:15 AMTips on avoiding malpractice will be given using real cases seen in a co-management center. We will review actual lawsuits, how the played out and what could have been done to avoid them.YESEthics/Jurisprudence (EJ)NONOYESODNONONONOOD21COPE 71082-EJ
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