SECO 2021 Course Handouts

Course #Presentation TitleStart
31523066100[VIRTUAL ONLY] Cutting Edge Co-ManagementBobby Saenz, OD4/27/20216:00 PM8:00 PMYESPeri-Operative Management of Ophthalmic Surgery (PO)NO
61646542700[VIRTUAL ONLY] Sister Act II: The O'Keefe Sisters Share All New Optical TipsCandance O'Keefe Culp; Jackie O'Keefe Lincoln; Laurie Pierce4/27/20216:00 PM8:00 PMThe O’Keefe Sisters are back for an encore of their top optical tips. Sister Act ll will outline new optical tips for the ECP in a fun and interactive way. Topics include communication skills, running effective meetings, accommodative and convergence issues, tracking benchmarks in the practice, cross-training team members, optical fashion trends, digital eye strain, and more.NONOYESNONO
101596788502Creating an Efficient, Successful Vision Therapy Program in a Primary Care OfficeBrenda Montecalvo, OD4/28/20219:00 AM5:30 PMCourse will have a break from 1:00PM-2:30PM. The course will be for 7 hours of CE. Millions of patients need YOU to help them achieve either in school, on the job or at work. You can help them by providing a cutting-edge vision therapy program in your primary care office. Easy to use chairside activities along with setting up a turnkey in-office vision therapy program will be covered.YESFunctional Vision/Pediatrics (FV)NONONONO
141659276108A Refresher on OCT for Primary Eye Care ProvidersChris Wroten, OD4/28/202112:00 PM1:00 PMYESPrinciples of Diagnosis (PD)NO
161646543105Injecting Injections in Your PracticeScott Moscow, OD4/28/202112:00 PM1:00 PMBroaden your scope of practice by learning how to perform intralesional injections and the equipment required. Also, learn how to bill insurance for the injection and the office visit in the same day with the use of a modifier (when appropriate). This presentation includes videos of injections being performed by the speaker.YESInjection Skills (IS)NOYES
171525172300OD Symposium4/28/20211:00 PM2:00 PMNONO
181666843103Who, Why and How Scleral Lens FittingElise Kramer, OD4/28/20212:00 PM4:00 PMMany of us have heard about scleral lenses. What are scleral lenses, and why are they becoming so popular Who can benefit from a scleral lens and how do you fit them This two hour course will answer all those questions and more, as Dr. Barnett delves into the art and science of scleral lenses.YESContact Lenses (CL)NO
191406365705Issues Management 411: Dealing With Difficult PeopleLynn Lawrence4/28/20212:00 PM4:00 PMThis course is designed to identify proper ways to deal with difficult people, along with ways to neutralize awkward encounters. Work place safety and avoidance of violence for both staff members and patients will be emphasized.NONOYESNONO
211406423500Future in Focus: Emerging Eyecare Treatments & TechnologiesChris Wroten, OD4/28/20212:00 PM4:00 PMThis continuously updated course reviews new treatments and technologies poised to enhance delivery of eye care and improve patient outcomes. Topics include new and emerging pharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, gene therapies, 3-D printing, wearable technologies, diagnostics, and surgical and non-surgical therapies, among others.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)YESNONOYES
231406387400MedPRO360: Titles Don't Create Great LeadersMike Rothschild, OD4/28/20212:00 PM4:00 PMLeaders fill every role within an organization and can take your team toward the practice mission (or away from it). This presentation will demonstrate how to create and share a common vision with the team. You will learn various leadership styles and develop leadership in the entire team.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
241406396401MedPRO360: Customer to Subscriber: Improve Your CL RevenueWill Smith, OD4/28/20214:15 PM5:15 PMMany of our patients are in contact lenses; are they subscribers or simply customers? This course will help providers recognize patient characteristics when it comes to purchasing contact lenses, and review strategies and services which help grow your practice.YESPractice Management (PM)NONOYESNO
261406344706Advanced Anatomy & Physiology of the EyeDiane Drake4/28/20214:15 PM5:15 PMThis course will identify the structures of the eye, explaining each of their visual functions. The extraocular muscles of the eye will be discussed, along with refractive errors and their appropriate correction.NONOYESYESYES
271666842104Scleral Lenses An Oasis For Dry EyeMelissa Barnett, OD4/28/20214:15 PM6:15 PMOcular surface disease is a highly prevalent and chronic condition with a multitude of ocular and systemic causative factors. This course will review basic scleral fitting techniques and problem-solving techniques for successful therapeutic scleral lens wear in the ocular surface disease population. Additionally, case examples will be reviewed.YESContact Lenses (CL)NO
291406324106Medical and Surgical Grand RoundsBrooks Alldredge, OD4/28/20214:15 PM6:15 PMThis unique presentation will tell the story of one patient with a complex neuro-ophthalmic condition that proved to be vision and life-threatening. In addition to describing the diagnosis and treatment in detail, each test, decision, discussion, action and result in the order that they occurred will be outlined. Together, we will extrapolate the many lessons this case has to offer, including strategies for clinical decision-making, lab testing and neuroimaging, and a guide for presenting bad news.YESSystemic Disease (SD)YES
301406345707Prentice's Rule and Finding the Power of a Lens in Any MeridianDiane Drake4/28/20215:15 PM6:15 PMThis course will cover unwanted prism, prism by decentration, Prentice’s Rule, prism imbalance and finding the power of a lens in any meridianNONOYESNONO
311647444425MedPRO360: How to Create a Work Culture You LoveTed McElroy, OD4/28/20215:15 PM6:15 PMOur business cultures are often controlled by the outcomes we wish to attain on metrics and financial concerns. Those are important. But they are less important than creating a culture which allows everyone to feel safe, respected and heard by the rest of the team and the leaders. This course will help you create a culture where everyone has trust and vulnerability, engagement in conflict on important issues, agreements around decisions made as a team, each team member holds one another accountable and focuses on the team over individuals. The truth is healthy companies are far more successful and fulfilling than smart companies.YESPractice Management (PM)YES
331525173301OD and AHP Symposium: The Myopia Obligation and Opportunity4/28/20216:15 PM7:15 PMNONO
351658799107Clinical Quandaries: Fighting the Fear Factor Paul C. Ajamian, OD4/28/20217:15 PM9:15 PMThis course will seek to increase confidence in handling tough anterior segment cases without fear or reservation, based on experiences gained in a comanagement center over a 40 year timeframe. YESAnterior segment (AS)NO
371648643501Glaucoma 2021Arkadiy Yadgarov, MD4/28/20217:15 PM9:15 PMThis presentation will update the doctor of optometry on all the latest glaucoma medication options, including interactions, which drops to combine with what, and side effects. Since poor adherence to glaucoma therapy is associated with higher rates of progression, we will also take a thorough look at the many new therapies that may reduce or eliminate the eye drop burden for patients.YESGlaucoma (GL)NONONOYES
421406418110What's Up with The ChoroidJim Williamson, OD4/29/20217:00 AM8:00 AMOur focus is often on the retina and we forget the about the choroid. A thicker or thinner than normal choroid has been implicated in a myriad of ocular pathologies. This course will explore choroidal abnormalities and ways to detect them.YESPosterior Segment (PS)NO
431406325505Controversies in Eye Disease ManagementBrooks Alldredge, OD4/29/20217:00 AM8:00 AMShould cataract surgery be bilateral on the same day? Is scleral depression really necessary anymore? Should every cataract patient have a pre-op OCT? This course looks at these and other current controversies in medical and surgical eye care, focusing on both anterior and posterior segment disease. These hot-button issues will surely provide a lively debate.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NONONONO
451406381710Dispensing to the Elderly: A Glimpse at the Aging EyeJackie O'Keefe4/29/20217:00 AM8:00 AMWhen assisting the elderly, ECPs can do a lot to improve their quality of life by providing optical solutions to their subjective complaints. This course examines the top eye disorders the aging individual experiences, and what we can do to assist with their disability.NONOYESNOYES
491406420111Clinical Encounters of the Neuro KindJim Williamson, OD4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMDid you know that optometry IS neuro? Our "routine" exam assesses half of the cranial nerves, and can detect many neurological pathologies through "simple" chair skills. This course will present neurological conditions which an optometrist may encounter, along with clinical cases to highlight course material.YESNeuro-Optometry (NO)YES
511406336405MedPRO360: Coding and BillingSharon Carter4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMYou will learn in this course how to bill the proper codes so that you can receive the payment to which you are entitled, while ensuring compliancy and avoiding audits.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNOYES
531406354506Scleral Lens Complications and ControversiesJason Jedlicka, OD4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMThis course will cover some of the potential complications of scleral lens wear, as well as some of the current controversies that surround scleral lens wear. Topics include lens fogging, discomfort, conjunctival prolapse, acceptable lens thickness and vault, post-lens debris, and if scleral lenses can cause significant increases in IOP, and more.YESContact Lenses (CL)NONOYESYES
541406380711The DNA of Ophthalmic LensesJackie O'Keefe4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMOphthalmic lenses possess unique properties like specific gravity, tensile strength, safety, and thickness to name a few. This course explores the unique properties of lenses, including plus, minus, cylinder, multifocal and progressives. We will also discuss the many material choices available today.NONOYESNONO
551406338113Go For GlaucomaBen Casella, OD4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMYESGlaucoma (GL)YES
561406348112Refer or Relax RetinaSteven Ferrucci, OD4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMThis course discusses cases encountered in the primary care OD's office, and tackles the question " is this something that we can monitor ourselves (relax), or do I need to refer to a retinal specialist for further evaluation and treatment". Cases Include lattice, retinal holes, choroidal nevi and much more.YESPosterior Segment (PS)NO
571406421406MedPRO360 Facilitated Learning Lab: Whose Exam Is It Anyway?Chris Wolfe, OD4/29/20218:15 AM10:15 AMThis course will cover billing rules and will provide a practical understanding of how third party payers utilize these rules to reimburse doctors. The course will focus on proper billing and coding for the care that you render.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNOYES
581406363407MedPRO360: Assessing the Financial Health of Your PracticeMick Kling, OD4/29/202110:30 AM11:30 AMSimilar to a visit to a primary care physician, performing a Practice Performance Checkup is critical for determining the financial health and well-being of a business. We will discuss the four measures of a healthy practice, and how they provide crucial insight into the health and sustainability of our business.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
591406379713AR Treatments: The JourneyJackie O'Keefe4/29/202110:30 AM11:30 AMJust when you begin to think that AR treatments have fully evolved, another technological development is born. This course offers a great opportunity for eyecare professionals to catch up with today’s technological advancements in AR treatments and present them to the patient in a language he/she can understand.NONOYESNONO
611406331712OCT and Retinal Issues for Today’s Optician and TechnicianMile Brujic, OD4/29/202110:30 AM11:30 AMThis course is designed to help opticians and technicians better understand the retina and the diseases that can affect it. We will cover the role of the OCT in diagnosing and following various conditions of the posterior pole.NONONOYESYES
631406370116Going Viral: HSV, HZO, EKCNathan Lighthizer, OD4/29/202110:30 AM12:30 PMViruses are some of the most common microorganisms that affect both the body and the eyes. This interactive presentation will review the etiologies, risk factors, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, and proper treatment for the ocular and systemic aspects of herpes zoster, herpes simplex and epidemic keratoconjunctivits.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NO
641525170121Oral Meds and the EyeTammy Than, OD4/29/202110:30 AM12:30 PMYESPharmacology (PH)NO
651406398115Integrating the PEDIG Studies into Clinical PracticeGlen Steele, OD; Marie Bodack, OD4/29/202110:30 AM12:30 PMThe PEDIG group has been actively engaged in research related to the vision and eye issues found in children. While the outcomes of the study have given us some direction, many practitioners have not incorporated the protocols into practice. This goal of this course is to bring research together with clinical practice for the benefit of patients. It will include managing patients when their findings do not match the protocols.YESFunctional Vision/Pediatrics (FV)YES
661406400114Evolving Trends in Retinal Vascular DiseaseJessica Steen, OD4/29/202110:30 AM12:30 PMThis course will discuss emerging therapies, imaging modalities, and leading trends in the treatment and management of retinal vascular diseases including macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusion, and diabetic retinopathy.YESPosterior Segment (PS)YES
671658373518Facilitated Learning Lab: Coding and Billing: Patient Communication StrategiesChris Wolfe, OD4/29/202110:30 AM12:30 PMLearn how to define roles and create talking points for communicating with patients regarding what’s covered and what out of pocket expenses are involved for a variety of clinical services. This course will help you improve patient relationships, reduce misunderstandings, and streamline billing processes.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNOYES
681525174302AHP Symposium4/29/202111:30 AM12:30 PMNONO
691525175303OD Symposium4/29/202112:30 PM1:30 PMNONO
701406369714The Tech's Role in Testing for Diabetic RetinopathyNathan Lighthizer, OD4/29/202112:30 PM1:30 PMThis lecture will explore functional testing (ERG) and newer OCT testing (OCT-A) that helps in the evaluation of diabetic patients, and will also discuss the tech's role in testing for diabetic retinopathy.NONONONOYES
711406415717Contact Lens Virtual Learning LabMile Brujic, OD4/29/202112:30 PM1:30 PMThis is an interactive course that will allow the optician to see what really happens through the slit lamp exam, using virtual learning.NONONOYESYES
721648646408MedPRO360: Customer Service vs Customer Experience: What’s the Difference?Joy Gibb4/29/202112:30 PM1:30 PMThere's a lot of talk about the differences between customer service and a customer experience. This course will help you create an experience-based culture, and will provide specific ideas that can be implemented in your practice.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
741406364410MedPRO360 Facilitated Learning Lab: Leadership and Differentiation-How to Make Your Practice Stand Out In a CrowdMick Kling, OD4/29/202112:30 PM2:30 PMOver the past decade, operating a successful optometric practice has become ever more challenging partly due to consumer’s increasing acceptance of e-commerce and online retailers. This class will address the key questions and possible solutions for making your practice stand out among the competition, both traditional brick and mortar, and online retailers.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
751406350409MedPRO360: Frame Inventory That Works FOR YouJoy Gibb4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMThis course will help you understand how to better select frames that will give you the potential for success. We will also discuss how to enhance your relationship with manufacturers and help you to build a frame inventory that works for you and your patients.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
761406399118Practical Management of Ocular PainJessica Steen, OD4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMThis course will update doctors on the pharmaceutical management of ocular pain using opioid and non-opioid medications. Adverse effects of opioid use, signs of misuse, and treatment of opioid overdoses will be highlighted.YESPharmacology (PH)NO
781406419120Seeing Double: The Urgent & Chronic Causes of DiplopiaJim Williamson, OD4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMSome say the fastest way to clear a room full of eye doctors is to yell "diplopia." Well, don't scatter. Though numerous causes of diplopia exist, this course will focus on medically-related etiologies which involve systemic, neurological, and orbital conditions. Case examples will highlight clinical pearls, as well as treatment or management optionsYESNeuro-Optometry (NO)NO
791406424119Future in Focus: Stem Cells & Gene TherapiesChris Wroten, OD4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMThis fast-paced course will give the latest updates on the background, history, and breakthroughs occurring in the areas of nanotechnology, stem cells, and gene therapy, with a focus on their potential impact on eye care. Topics include the possible risks and benefits of these cutting edge technologies, how they work, and the results of recently published clinical trials and studies.YESSystemic Disease (SD)NO
801406332715Seeing Glaucoma as More Than Just High PressureMile Brujic, OD4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMGlaucoma is a sight threatening disease that is often asymptomatic until its final stages. This course is intended to educate the eye care professional about the disease. Emphasis will be placed on the tests that are used for the diagnosis and management of glaucoma.NONOYESNOYES
811406368117Diabetes: New Testing and Treatment for RetinopathyNathan Lighthizer, OD4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMDiabetic retinopathy has historically been evaluated and followed with structural tests (DFE's, OCT's and fundus photos) This course will explore functional testing (ERG) and newer OCT testing (OCT-A) that helps in the evaluation of diabetic patients, and will also discuss the newest literature with regard to management of diabetic retinopathy patients, including nutritional supplements.YESPosterior Segment (PS)NO
821525171507The Vision and Wellness ConnectionTammy Than, OD4/29/20211:30 PM2:30 PMYESGeneral Optometry (GO)NOYESYESYES
84140636760Special Session: An Eye on NeuroAndrew Lee, MD4/29/20212:30 PM4:30 PMThis special session, never before seen at SECO, features a world renowned neurologist who will discuss key clinical, laboratory, and radiographic features of potentially vision or life threatening conditions in neuro-ophthalmology/optometry.YESNeuro-Optometry (NO)NONONOYES
861406388411MedPRO360 Facilitated Learning Lab: TelemedicineMike Rothschild, OD4/29/20212:45 PM4:45 PMExplore how telehealth can be utilized to expand the quality of services to your patients. This interactive presentation will share ideas about how to best incorporate this evolving modality into your practice.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
881406335716Teambuilding: From Me to WeSharon Carter; Lynn Lawrence4/29/20212:45 PM4:45 PMNONOYESNONO
941523061510Getting Started With OCTJulie Rodman, OD4/30/20217:00 AM8:00 AMOptical Coherence Tomography is a non-invasive imaging modality that has enhanced the evaluation and management of the posterior pole. This course will review interpretation and clinical application of the OCT in the primary eye care setting.YESPrinciples of Diagnosis (PD)NONONOYES
961406333720Contact Lens Solutions for Dry EyeMile Brujic, OD4/30/20217:00 AM8:00 AMThis course will give the attendee a better understanding of the relationship between contact lens solutions and comfort, with strategies provided to make your patients more successful lens wearers.NONONOYESYES
971406384125Important Lab Testing in OptometryCaroline Pate, OD4/30/20217:00 AM8:00 AMLaboratory testing can be crucial to effective diagnosis and management of ocular disease. Indications and interpretation of pertinent lab tests will be covered in a case-based format.YESPrinciples of Diagnosis (PD)NO
1001406366721Rebuilding: Bolster Morale, Reduce Anxiety, and Enhance Safety for Your Team and PatientsLynn Lawrence; Sharon Carter; Joy Gibb4/30/20218:00 AM10:00 AMThis course is designed to discuss the current pandemic, and its effects on your practice. While rebuilding efforts take place, we will focus on reducing worker anxiety, enhancing workplace safety, and maintaining CDC guidelines day to day.NONOYESNOYES
1021406422511Facilitated Learning Lab: Coding and Billing: Patient Communication StrategiesChris Wolfe, OD4/30/20218:00 AM10:00 AMLearn how to define roles and create talking points for communicating with patients regarding what’s covered and what out of pocket expenses are involved for a variety of clinical services. This course will help you improve patient relationships, reduce misunderstandings, and streamline billing processes.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNOYES
103140640361Special Session: Clinical Perspectives in Patient CareRon Melton, OD; Randall Thomas, OD4/30/20218:00 AM10:00 AMWith over 80 combined years of intensive clinical experience, legendary doctors Melton and Thomas will present up-to-date information on clinical patient care in this SECO exclusive special session. A wide array of anterior and posterior segment topics will be covered, emphasizing the latest medical management of acute and chronic eye conditions.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NONONOYES
1081666816205Managing Patient IssuesBrooke Carrasco4/30/202110:00 AM11:00 AM
1091666841200Evidence-based Scleral Lens ManagementMaria Walker, OD4/30/202110:00 AM11:00 AMContact Lenses (CL)NO
1101679468213Sell $1000 Frames on a Daily Basis4/30/202110:30 AM11:00 AMNONONO
1111432264128Beauty and the BeastLeslie Odell, OD4/30/202111:00 AM12:00 PMYESAnterior Segment (AS)NO
1131406371127Ocular Effects of Systemic MedicationsNathan Lighthizer, OD4/30/202111:00 AM12:00 PMThis interactive lecture will review and update the many systemic medications our patients take that can have ocular side effects and cause ocular signs and symptoms. Medications that cause toxicity to the eyes will be reviewed, with special emphasis on plaquenil, Flomax, steroids and Viagra.YESPharmacology (PH)NO
1141525176304AHP Symposium4/30/202111:00 AM12:00 PMNONO
1151406347129Nutrition and the RetinaSteven Ferrucci, OD4/30/202111:00 AM12:00 PMThis course will enhance the practitioners knowledge of nutritional management of age-related macular degeneration, as well as give insight into which nutritional supplements are best for their patients. The latest research regarding nutrition and diabetes, as well as other retinal diseases, will be discussed.YESPosterior Segment (PS)NO
1161406355130Comprehensive Management of the Patient with KeratoconusJason Jedlicka, OD4/30/202111:00 AM12:00 PMThis course will cover the spectrum of care for an individual with keratoconus, including initial and differential diagnosis, vision correction options, as well as cross-linking and surgical management of the condition.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NO
1171406385724The Optical World of 3D Printing: Frames and LensesLaurie Pierce4/30/202112:00 PM1:00 PMThis course will introduce you to the optics of 3D lens printing. The manufacturing process will be described, and we will show examples of 3D lenses and frames.NONOYESNONO
1181525177305OD Symposium4/30/202112:00 PM1:00 PMNONO
1191406334723Multifocal Contacts: How  To Make Them WorkMile Brujic, OD4/30/202112:00 PM1:00 PMMultifocal contact lenses are remarkable for presbyopes interested in minimizing their dependency on glasses. You will develop a greater understanding of newer designs and tools to implement this evolving technology in patient care.NONONOYESYES
1201406337415MedPRO360: Communicating with PatientsSharon Carter4/30/202112:00 PM1:00 PMCommunicating with our patients should be the most important thing we do each day. Learn the various ways we communicate, including verbal, facial expressions, and body language, and how to use each one of these in a positive way to make sure patients stay in your practice.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
1221576728201Modern Aesthetics for the Optometric PhysicianChris Wroten, OD4/30/20211:00 PM2:00 PMThe breadth and scope of therapies and procedures Doctors of Optometry can offer patients to simultaneously correct disorders, enhance function, and improve cosmetic appearance of the eye and its adnexa has exponentially increased. This fast-paced, multimedia course provides a broad overview of optometric aesthetic therapies, including oral and topical medications, over-the-counter remedies, injectable neuromodulators, radio frequency technology, intense pulsed light, and plasma ablation. YESSurgical Procedures (SP)NO
1231406352416MedPRO360: Maximizing Message Boards and Social Media GroupsDarryl Glover, OD4/30/20211:15 PM2:15 PMThis course will discuss using social media as a resource for information and to build a professional network. We will explore what formats are used for what groups in the profession, which ones are informative and which are more social or fashion oriented as well as how and what to post to gain respect from your peers.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
1241406356725Ready, Set, Go: Pretesting in 2021Rebecca Johnson4/30/20211:15 PM2:15 PMThis course will give you the confidence to perform pretesting correctly, and you will learn the significance of the results. Participants will also be provided with a script to follow when describing each pretest.NONONONOYES
1251406409726Theory of RefractionPhernell Walker4/30/20211:15 PM2:15 PMHave you ever wanted to know how to perform a subjective refraction? In this course you will learn the theory and steps to perform a subjective refraction. Topics include capturing an objective refraction, working distance, cylinder and axis, duochrome refinement and final prescription.NONOYESYESYES
1271666817206Managing Made EasyRyan Parker, OD4/30/20212:15 PM3:15 PM
1281432267132Dry Eye and Contact LensesLeslie Odell, OD4/30/20212:15 PM4:15 PMYESContact Lenses (CL)NO
1291518653131Ocular TraumaMichelle Welch, OD4/30/20212:15 PM4:15 PMThis course will discuss cases of ocular trauma that may present to the primary care optometric office. The management will be discussed in detail including minor surgical techniques that can be performed in office, medications necessary for treatment, and indications for referral to secondary care after stabilizing the patient.YESAnterior Segment (AS)YES
1311406326135The Retina: New Solutions to Old ProblemsAlexander Bottini, MD4/30/20212:15 PM4:15 PMSomething new is always on the horizon in the field of retina! This case-based, image-driven session reviews the diagnosis and management of many common (and not so common) retinal presentations. Multi-modal imaging leads us through numerous "don't-miss" diagnoses as well as a few puzzling, "head-scratchers". Specific attention is devoted to emerging imaging modalities and new retinal therapies in development.YESPosterior Segment (PS)NO
1321406391134Innovations in Glaucoma: Next Generation Technology, Medications, and DeliveryJustin Schweitzer, OD4/30/20212:15 PM4:15 PMAdvances in glaucoma continue to evolve at a rapid pace. In order to continue to care for glaucoma patients at a high level it is imperative that innovation continues. The focus of this course is to discuss new diagnostic technology, what’s new in the management pipeline, and what the future holds.YESGlaucoma (GL)NO
1331406357727Ocular Anatomy for Techs and OpticiansRebecca Johnson4/30/20213:15 PM4:15 PMThis course takes the participants on a tour of the eye, starting at the tear film and ending at the visual cortex.NONOYESYESYES
1341406386728The Optics of Strong LensesLaurie Pierce4/30/20213:15 PM4:15 PMHowever, as eye-sizes increase, so do optical aberrations. This course will focus on the major optical aberrations and prismatic effects that occur in stronger and larger lenses, and their optical solutions.NONOYESNONO
1361646563417MedPRO360: Tele-Frame Styling & Optical SalesJoy Gibb4/30/20213:15 PM4:15 PMDuring the pandemic, opticians learned they could continue to sell glasses in a non-contact setting. This course will explore new and innovative ways to enhance the dispensing experience without physical contact with the patient.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
1381666818207Oakley Prizm LensesJonathan Smith4/30/20214:15 PM5:15 PM
1391406383730General Session: How to Deliver a Patient Centric Eyecare Experience in 2021 and BeyondRyan Parker, OD; Pete Hanlin; Sharon Carter; Frank Pigneri4/30/20214:15 PM6:15 PMThe key to profit is understanding what the customer wants and how we need to adapt to them. We will talk about how to use tried and true retail rules to put the patient/consumer at the center of the experience.NONOYESNOYES
1411679466211Frame Fashion Tour I4/30/20214:30 PM5:00 PMNONONO
1431406406140Diseases of the Vitreomacular InterfaceJulie Rodman, OD4/30/20215:15 PM6:15 PMThis course will address anomalies of the vitreoretinal interface, including normal posterior vitreous detachment, vitreomacular traction, and macular hole. The use of Optical Coherence Tomography in the evaluation of these entities will be discussed.YESPosterior Segment (PS)NO
1441406346139Retinal and OCT Grand RoundsSteven Ferrucci, OD4/30/20215:15 PM7:15 PMThis course reviews some of the basic principles of retinal OCTs by using examples to help illustrate OCT findings associated with various posterior pole disorders. Clinical pearls for the various diseases are presented, as well as new treatment options and recommended management.YESPosterior Segment (PS)YES
1451406361138Frontline Ocular Surface Disease CarePaul Karpecki, OD; Justin Schweitzer, OD4/30/20215:15 PM7:15 PMThis course will discuss the latest advances in the management of dry eye, blepharitis, allergic eye disease and MGD--the most common conditions optometry treats daily. Updated protocols to effectively manage these patients and the latest devices for diagnosis and treatment will be covered. A discussion on the more recent and soon to be approved therapeutic agents for OSD will also be provided.YESAnterior Segment (AS)YES
1471406372137Laser Therapy and Advanced Procedures in OptometryNathan Lighthizer, OD4/30/20215:15 PM7:15 PMLump and bump removal, chalazion treatment, punctal occlusion, and various anterior segment laser procedures are essential for optometrists to be familiar with. Optometrists in several states are now performing these procedures on a routine basis. This interactive presentation will review and update these procedures including indications, contraindications, risks, complications, treatment protocols, and pre- and post-op management.YESSurgical Procedures (SP)NOYES
1531406373515Swollen Optic Nerves: Now What?Nathan Lighthizer, OD5/1/20217:00 AM8:00 AMOptic nerve head pathology including swelling can range from very benign to a life threatening emergency. This grand rounds format will review and update the most common causes of ONH swelling, pseudo-swelling and papilledema.YESNeuro-Optometry (NO)NONONOYES
1561406392145When Topical Just Isn't EnoughJustin Schweitzer, OD5/1/20217:00 AM8:00 AMMany ocular pathologies can be treated with topical medications, but sometimes that just isn't enough. This course will cover a variety of ocular conditions that need oral pharmaceutical agents. Case reports will be incorporated and the attendee will gain confidence in the utilization of oral medications in clinical practice.YESOral Pharmaceuticals (OP)NO
1571406410735Are You Feeling ANSI About Standards?Phernell Walker5/1/20217:00 AM8:00 AMFeeling a little ANSI about knowing the latest in standards? The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z80 for prescription eyewear is essential for every dispensing optician. This course will help opticians understand and apply ANSI Z80 as apart of our everyday work for both troubleshooting, creating, and delivering the most accurate eyewear.NONOYESNONO
159140640262Special Session: Anterior Segment Advances: The Future is Now! Lawrence Woodard, MD; John Berdahl, MD5/1/20218:00 AM10:00 AMYESAnterior Segment (AS)NONONOYES
1601523067736Case Studies of the Rich and Famous: Troubleshooting From the Exam Room to the Optical Phernell Walker5/1/20218:00 AM10:00 AMEye care professionals must be able to troubleshoot patient complaints. This interactive course will use the SOAP format to problem solve challenging eyewear problems, from the exam room to the dispensary of the rich and famous.NONOYESNONO
1641654849202A Patient Management Perspective on Dry Eye DiseaseRon Melton, OD; Randall Thomas, OD5/1/202110:00 AM11:00 AMThis one-hour course will be heavily dependent upon the peer-reviewed professional literature, blended with decades of direct patient care and clinical experience pertaining to all facets of dry eye disease.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NO
1651406411737The Clear and Present Danger of DiabetesPhernell Walker5/1/202110:15 AM11:15 AMKnowing the implications of diabetes is an important aspect of eyecare for all eye care professionals. This course provides an up to date understanding on this increasingly prevalent systemic disease and its affect on vision.NONOYESYESYES
1661406376420MedPRO360: Post COVID Leadership Tactics to Implement DailyTed McElroy, OD5/1/202110:15 AM11:15 AMWe all have plans, goals and dreams, but then life happens and it turns out way different than expected. This presentation will help the attendee look for ways to succeed at work and win at life even in the middle of the toughest days.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNOYES
1681406358738Clinical Terminology for Opticians and TechniciansRebecca Johnson5/1/202110:15 AM11:15 AMThis basic terminology course will guide the participant through words like “dacryocystorhinostomy” and “congruent homonymous hemianopsia” by teaching ophthalmic root words, prefixes and suffixes that are commonly used in an ophthalmic practice.NONOYESYESYES
1691406393149The Nuances of Normal Tension GlaucomaJustin Schweitzer, OD5/1/202111:15 AM12:15 PMThis course will discuss all aspects of normal tension glaucoma including the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment.YESGlaucoma (GL)NO
1701406374148Uveitis: Systemic and Ocular Approaches to ManagementNathan Lighthizer, OD5/1/202111:15 AM12:15 PMThis interactive presentation will review the most common etiologies of uveitis, along with signs, symptoms, and work-up, and management. The many conditions that are associated with uveitis require the optometrist to be familiar with not only the ocular management, but with systemic approaches as well.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NO
1721406425146A Refresher on OCT for Primary Eye Care ProvidersChris Wroten, OD5/1/202111:15 AM12:15 PMThis course reviews the science behind optical coherence tomography (OCT), the devices on the market, variables which confound image interpretation, and clinical indications. Applicable coding & billing pearls are also presented, along with emerging OCT breakthroughs and some clinical anterior and posterior segment OCT & OCT-A images from various ocular pathologies.YESPrinciples of Diagnosis (PD)NO
1731666819208Creating Perceived ValuePete Hanlin5/1/202111:15 AM12:15 PM
1741525178306Student Symposium5/1/202111:15 AM12:15 PMNONO
1751679467212Frame Fashion Tour II5/1/202111:30 AM12:00 PMNONONO
1761406353421MedPRO360: Creating Influencers to Promote your Practice for YouDarryl Glover, OD5/1/202112:15 PM1:15 PMMarketing is the key business activity to driving traffic to your practice. We’ve all used word of mouth, but social media has had huge impact. This course will discuss the role of social media as a marketing influencer on your business, with tips for maximizing your return on investment.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYESNONO
1771525179307OD Symposium5/1/202112:15 PM1:15 PMNONO
1781406412739Mastering Ophthalmic FormulaePhernell Walker5/1/202112:15 PM1:15 PMThis course explores the formulas used to solve dioptric power of thick lenses, vertex with cylinders, prism compensated lenses, and much more.NONOYESNONO
1791406359740Refractive Errors DefinedRebecca Johnson5/1/202112:15 PM1:15 PMThis course will provide the participant with a working knowledge of the types and causes of ametropia, along with the use of ophthalmic lenses in the correction of visual acuity. The components of the eyeglass prescription, along with add power and prismatic correction will be presented.NONOYESYESYES
1811666820209Ray-Ban Authentic: The New Way to DispenseFrank Pigneri5/1/20211:15 PM2:15 PM
1821578095203New Treatment Options for Patients with Acquired BlepharoptosisApril Jasper, OD5/1/20211:15 PM2:15 PMIn this course we will review what acquired blepharoptosis is. We will review what blepharoptosis means to patients. We will discuss current treatments for blepharoptosis and how they impact our patients. We will review new treatment options and how to implement the treatment in practice.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NO
1831679469214Movie & Cinema Influencing Fashion & Style5/1/20211:30 PM2:15 PMNONONO
1851406426422MedPRO360: Artificial Intelligence in Eye CareChris Wroten, OD5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMThis course explores the history and development of artificial intelligence (AI) and reviews relevant AI terminology. Current AI platforms in use and in development in the areas of clinical care, electronic health records, and practice management platforms are also presented, as well as results of studies examining the accuracy and limitations of AI-enabled diagnostic technology.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NOYESYESYES
1861406375150Floaters: A New Solution to an Old ProblemNathan Lighthizer, OD5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMEmerging technology has promoted interest in utilizing s lasers for the treatment of floaters. This presentation will provide an introduction and update regarding utilizing the YAG laser for those with symptomatic floaters.YESPosterior Segment (PS)NO
1871523059159Human TraffickingApril Jasper, OD5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMYESPublic Health (PB)NO
1881406360742Triage for Techs: Managing EmergenciesRebecca Johnson5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMAn ophthalmic tech needs to know how to respond to emergency situations. This course describes best practices for triaging patient calls and managing in office emergencies.NONONONOYES
1891406389741Fastest Finger First: Identify this Corneal PathologyBuddy Russell5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMThis course will challenge the attendee to identify and describe various corneal findings using slit lamp images. A discussion of each corneal finding that is identified will be presented.NONONOYESYES
1901406340151Eyeing Glaucoma in the 21st CenturyBen Casella, OD5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMYESGlaucoma (GL)NO
1921406394153The Silent Thieves: Secondary GlaucomaJustin Schweitzer, OD5/1/20212:15 PM3:15 PMPrimary open angle glaucoma is the most type of glaucoma eye care physicians manage on a daily basis, but there are a variety of secondary glaucoma’s that show up in our chairs on a consistent basis. This course will review a variety of secondary glaucoma’s, including pigmentary glaucoma, pseudoexfolative glaucoma, uveitic glaucoma, and many more.YESGlaucoma (GL)NO
1931666821210Frames AdvisorJonathan Smith5/1/20213:15 PM4:15 PM
1951523058156Preventions of Medical Errors Within EyecareApril Jasper, OD5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMYESEthics/Jurisprudence (EJ)NO
1971406339155Following AMD with OCTJulie Rodman, OD5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMThis course will provide a general overview of AMD and its variants including pathophysiology, risk factors and management. A discussion of AMD disease classification integrating the use of OCT will be emphasized. Real life clinical examples from both an academic and private practice setting will be presented.YESPrinciples of Diagnosis (PD)YES
1981406417154Lumps and BumpsMichelle Welch, OD5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMThis course will discuss the identification of selected eyelid neoplasms, both benign and malignant, along with the management and referral of these conditions. Chalazion management, repair of mild entropion by suture, and Botox for relief of blepharospasm will also be discussed.YESAnterior Segment (AS)YESYES
1991627875161A Painful PracticeWill Smith, OD5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMAny provider who sees patients with ocular emergencies knows there is a need for pain management. This case-based review of ocular pain management will help reinforce our common and not-so common treatment protocols.Pharmacology (PH)NO
2001646577516The Challenges of the CorneaJustin Schweitzer, OD5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMThis case base coursed will challenge attendees with a variety of anterior segment presentations , including infectious keratitis, recurrent corneal erosions, and corneal degenerations/dystrophies. The challenging decisions that OD's face with diagnosis and management will be debated.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NONONOYES
2021646582743Contact Lenses to Improve Quality of LifeBuddy Russell5/1/20214:00 PM6:00 PMThis course is all about scleral contact lenses, which provide unique therapeutic and vision rehabilitative properties that overcome the therapeutic gaps encountered with conventional contact lens therapies. New materials--in particular, the use of highly oxygen-permeable materials --in the management of irregular corneal surface disorders and ocular surface disease will be discussed.NONONOYESYES
2041406413744Advanced Prism ApplicationsPhernell Walker5/1/20216:15 PM7:15 PMThis class will explore advanced prism applications including Prentice Rule combined with lens tilt, prism applications for TBI, strabismus, accidental prism, prism distribution, prism thinning, compounding and resolving prism.NONOYESNONO
2051406401157The Inside Scoop on Retinal BreaksJessica Steen, OD5/1/20216:15 PM7:15 PMThis course will discuss retinal breaks, with an emphasis on treatment and outcomes in a case-based format. This course will highlight the clinical course of retinal breaks and detachments which require multiple procedure repairs and long-term management to maximize patient outcomes.YESPosterior Segment (PS)NO
2071523057517CL Management for the TeamApril Jasper, OD5/1/20216:15 PM7:15 PMYESContact Lenses (CL)NONOYESYES
2081406377158More Than Meets The Dry EyeScott Moscow, OD5/1/20216:15 PM7:15 PMDry eye is the most common complaint we hear from patients. However, many optometrists are only treating symptoms of dry eye and not the underlying problem. Learn the different types of dry eye and the newest treatments for each type. Develop a game plan that not only leads to better patient satisfaction but also reimburses you appropriately. Introduce strategies to better identify patients who are suffering from dry eye. Learn how proactively treating dry eye will inevitably decrease your chair time.YESAnterior Segment (AS)NO
2091406362160Innovations in Eyecare TechnologyPaul Karpecki, OD5/1/20216:15 PM7:15 PMThis program looks at the latest technological advances in eyecare across all disciplines of disease management, ranging from eye misalignment to genetic therapy. The pipeline for the next 1-3 years will be explored with an emphasis on the most innovative technologies and therapeutics.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NO
2101647455426MedPRO360: Hello, Is Anybody Listening?Rebecca Johnson5/1/20216:15 PM7:15 PMListening is the communication skill we use most frequently in patient care; however studies confirm that most of us are poor and ineffective listeners. Attendees of this course will learn listening skills that can be leveraged to provide better patient care, increase optical sales and develop deeper personal relationships.YESPractice Management (PM)NOYES
2161523064750Preventing Medical Errors in the Optical EnvironmentDiane Drake5/2/20218:00 AM10:00 AMThis course will identify medical errors in the optical environment, understanding how they happen and what the results can be, as well as introducing ways to prevent them. Included in the discussion will be common terms, including failure mode, root cause analysis, assessment, and much more.NONOYESNONO
2181523062171My Latest and Greatest CasesPaul C. Ajamian, OD5/2/20218:00 AM10:00 AMCases seen at one of the nation's oldest co-management centers will be discussed, with relevant pearls on anterior and posterior segment cases highlighted throughout.YESGeneral Optometry (GO)NO
2221646587751Georgia Opticianry Laws and RulesDiane Drake5/2/202110:15 AM11:15 AMThis course will present the laws and rules for opticians in Georgia. Discussion will include history, scope of practice, violations and penalties, licensing process and continuing education.NONOYESYESNO
2241646586172Steering Clear of MalpracticePaul C. Ajamian, OD5/2/202110:15 AM11:15 AMTips on avoiding malpractice will be given using real cases seen in a co-management center. We will review actual lawsuits, how the played out and what could have been done to avoid them.YESEthics/Jurisprudence (EJ)NO
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