Ophthalmic Professional Certificate Program

A certification program you won’t see anywhere else. The Ophthalmic Professional Certificate Program is a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity for career professionals who want to gain valuable new skills and knowledge, as well as demonstrate their commitment to the profession. Whether you’re a veteran in the profession or just starting, everyone is welcome!

Participants can choose from a variety of courses and learning labs that will expand their knowledge and even challenge the veteran ophthalmic professional. Participants must pass three performance stations in the three-hour Ophthalmic Professional Skills Course and accumulate at least 80 course value points.

Attendees have two years to complete earning their points and have up to four years to pass the Professional Skills Course. In this comprehensive program, candidates will be assessed on 15 skills required for the prescreening of patients during an eye exam. These skills are based on national standard and a pass/fail criteria.

What are the Benefits?

1. This Certificate is the only hands-on certificate testing program available in the optometric industry.

2. The program provides a micro-credential that is stackable with other professional accreditations that are necessary for career advancement.

3. The program is continuously re-evaluated and updated to address the changes in the field, fill the skills gap and meet employer expectations, all while staying competitive.

How does it work?

To receive SECO’s Ophthalmic Professional Certificate, participants must:

1) Declare your participation in the Ophthalmic Professional Certificate Program
While registering online for SECO 2018, you’ll have the opportunity to enroll for the program. To verify enrollment, you will need to take a questionnaire to ensure you’re adequately prepared. This questionnaire will be sent out via email with instructions on how to successfully complete the program. For any specific questions, please contact afoster@secostaff.com.

2) Take courses and earn a minimum of 80 course value points over two years
We have identified courses within our ophthalmic professional education program that provide the necessary training for a successful career. These select courses have been assigned value points, which count towards the required total of 80 points (20 points must be intermediate, 20 must be advanced and the remaining 40 may come from any level). You must earn the 80 points over the next two years.

3) Register and Pass the Hands-On Ophthalmic Professionals Certificate Final Assessment (Course #800).
Taken only after earning 80 points and reaching at least the second year of the program, you must pass three performance stations while being assessed on 15 skills required for the prescreening of patients during an eye exam.

NOTE: You may take the Ophthalmic Professional Certificate Prep Course (Course #908) before completing the required coursework in order to assess your skills, plan for next year’s courses, familiarize yourself with the testing format, and receive feedback on your skill level. You will be required to complete all three steps in order to receive a certificate of completion.

Additional Information


  • $100 fee will be associated with the Ophthahlmic Professionals Certificate Final Assessment
  • $100 fee for each additional time final assessment is taken
  • Fee for all other courses and learning labs will be listed in the registration portal.