Meet our experts

Here are the dedicated professionals who volunteer their time to develop SECO International’s flagship conference, SECO. They bring a level of specialized expertise and leadership that can’t be found at any other conference or event, and we thank them for their valuable participation.

Board Of Trustees

Bill Tillman, O.D.

Chevron Ergle, O.D.

David Rouse, O.D.

Horace Deal, O.D.

Matt Burchett, O.D.

Tim Barry, O.D.

Gil Davis, O.D.

Charles Sikes, O.D.
North Carolina

Edward Lemon, O.D.
South Carolina

Patricia Walker, O.D.

Christine Cook, O.D.

S. Glenn Bailey, O.D.
West Virginia


Executive Committee

Lynn Hammonds, O.D.

Emilio Balius, O.D.
President Elect

Max Ernst, O.D.
Vice President

Max Raynor, O.D.

Richard Durocher, O.D.

Ted McElroy, O.D.
Immediate Past President


Congress Planning Committee

Max Ernst, O.D. Vice President (Chair)
Paul Ajamian, O.D. CE Committee General Chair
Paige Foster, O.D. OD Program Chair
Len Brown, O.D. Logistics Committee Chair
T. Joel Byars, O.D. Ambassador Chair
Rosalind Overton-Smith, O.D. AOP Program Chair
Freddie Mayes, O.D. Exhibits Committee Chair
Lynn Hammonds, O.D. President
Vaughn Sanders, O.D. IPRC Chair
Derrick Thornton, O.D. Technology Chair


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Education Committee

Paul C. Ajamian, OD
General Chairman

Optometric Continuing Education Committee

Paige Foster, O.D. Chair
Chris Wroten, O.D. Vice Chair
Tammy Than, O.D.
Glen Steele, O.D.
Consultant: Walt Mayo, O.D.


AOP Program Development

Rosalind Overton-Smith, O.D. Chair
Andrew Cook, Jr., O.D.
Susan Corwin  JCAHPO
David Meldrum  Optician Program
Belinda Coberly  Paraoptometric Program
Stephan Sanford Optician Program
Brad Lane, O.D. Logistics
Caroline Pate, O.D. Logistics